Tuesday, March 3, 2020


Happy Tuesday! I'm here with two tags in one post: the Awesome Blogger Award and the Never Have I Ever Tag - Writer Edition.

Without further ado, let's do this thing.


First up, the Awesome Blogger Award!

Thank the person who nominated you

Thank you, Nicole! <3

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1. What’s your preferred method of planning (bullet journaling, Google Calendar, etc.)?

Sometimes I make to-do lists, but I've pretty much given up on that at this point because I almost never complete them. Same with bullet journaling. I love the idea of bullet journaling, and I make spreads on occasion (they don't look great because I'm not an artistic person, but I have a fun time), but I very rarely stick to the plans I lay out in them.

Lists are super simple and do motivate me sometimes, so I'd probably say to-do lists is my preferred method.

2. Favorite type of chocolate?

Probably dark. XD

3. What’s a trope that’s very overused, but you still like? (Your guilty pleasure, if you will.)

I don't know if this is overused, but I really love the trope of some kind of popular/legendary character who is initially only talked about, and then later they come onto the scene and it's REALLY exciting because you've only heard about them up to that point. Like in Caraval. And my very own Dusted Red. XD

4. If you won $10,000, what's the first thing you would spend it on?

Can I say college??? Because I would 100% spend it on my first semester of college before anything else. But if I had to actually spend it, my first thought is that I would buy all the books I'm desperate to read but not desperate enough to request that my library get them (typical bookworm answer, I know). Also all the book, music, and writer merch I have ever wanted.

5. Who's your favorite YouTuber to watch?

Currently clahrah! She doesn't post videos anymore, but she has a whole archive of university vlogs that are soothing, inspiring, and aesthetic.

6. Least favorite emoji?

The excrement one. XD

7. Who was your first fictional crush?

Mikkel from the Viking Quest series was one of the first, if not the first, although it did take a couple books for me to warm up to him. He wasn't easy to like at first, but once he started to grow and improve, the more my feelings for him grew and improved.

Frozen Wave Against Sunlight

8. What’s your MBTI personality type, and do you think it fits you?

INFP. I didn't actually take the test because 1) I'm a rebel, and 2) INFP is definitely me. Without a doubt. I read this short article on INFPs from the 16 Personalities site, and it describes me so well it's kinda scary. Apparently, having an affinity for learning a second language is a common thing for an INFP! (I'm learning Spanish and love it, so that was cool to learn.)

9. Noodles or rice?

NOODLES NOODLES NOODLESSSSS. Pasta is my absolute favorite food, so naturally I would say noodles. XD

10. What is your opinion of the rating system of Goodreads?

It's all right, but everyone thinks half-star ratings would be a huge improvement to the system and I'm no exception. Half! Stars! Please!

Let's look on the bright side, though - at least it's a 5-star rating system instead of a 10-star. That would make choosing a rating next to impossible, if you ask me.

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Thanks, Bree!!!

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Never have I ever...

... started a novel that I didn't finish

I've never really done that? I've started plenty of short stories that I've never finished, but I tend to be very committed to my novels. I tend to see them through, even if it takes me more than a year. Now, things aren't looking too hot for my NaNo '19 novel, Flecks of Green, but I'm not going to officially abandon that one yet. I might just... rewrite it. Sometime in the future.

... written a story completely by hand

Plenty of short stories, yes. A novel? No. But I expect to have that experience under my belt soon, with my NEW NOVEL AAAAAHHHHH. I'm gonna try writing it by hand and I'm so excited!

... changed tenses midway through a story

Yeah, I've done that frequently. Like if I'm trying to write something in third person but I'm used to writing in first (which I am more used to writing in first, and my new book will be in third, so wish me luck with that transition O_O), sometimes I'll catch myself writing in first and have to go back and fix it. It's a struggle.

... not researched anything before starting a story

I'm about to start writing my new book without having researched it, so I guess the answer would be yes.

... changed my protagonist's name halfway through a draft

Yes, I did that with Delmy, the protagonist of Dusted Red. I had her name as Delilah, then I changed it to Lila - yes, Lila XD - for the second draft, and then I dropped the second draft halfway through and changed her name AGAIN in the third draft. To Delmy.

My favorite story to tell. How Delmy got her name.

... written a story in a month or less 

YUP. I wrote a flash fiction story in about a week once, actually. Drafted it and edited it all in one week. Gah, I love flash fic. XD

... fallen asleep while writing


... corrected someone's grammar IRL/online

Oh yes. XD I have definitely done that. Both IRL and online, I'd say.

... yelled in all caps at myself in the middle of my novel

I think I've done that. At least in the comment section.

... used "I'm writing" as an excuse

I think I have. I've definitely used writing as an excuse, but I don't remember if I've ever specifically said "I'm writing." I probably have, though. (I'm full of uncertainty when it comes to a lot of this, I'm sorry.)

Brown and Green Grass Field during Sunset

... killed a character that was based on someone I know in real life

Neverrrrrr. I don't think so, anyway. XD

... used pop culture references in a story

Maybe in a contemporary short story I wrote years ago? I rarely do that, though, because I'm primarily a fantasy writer.

... written between the hours of 1am and 6am

Noooope. Maybe in my journal once or twice, but not on any fiction projects.

... drank an entire pot of coffee while writing


... written down dreams to use in potential novels

Yes!! Definitely! I've done that multiple times.

... published an unedited story on the internet/blog/Wattpad

Nah, I've always done at least a little bit of editing on stories I've published here. XD

... procrastinated homework because I wanted to write

Usually, when I procrastinate on schoolwork, writing isn't my go-to procrastinating tool. I've proooobably done it, but if so, it's so rare that I can't remember a specific time. Crazy, I know.

... typed so long that my wrists hurt

YUP. I've certainly done that.

... spilled a drink on my laptop while writing

O_o Thankfully, never.

... forgotten to save my work/draft

I primarily write on Google Docs, which auto-saves your work, so I've never really had this problem!

... finished a novel

Yes! I've written two full novels (three, if you count the fact that Dusted Red was completely rewritten from scratch).

... laughed like an evil villain while writing a scene

I've chuckled under my breath, yes. XD

... cried while writing a scene

Tears have never coursed down my cheeks, but I have caused tears to fill my eyes. And I've made my heart feel like it's been ripped right down the middle. Fun times. (*sobs* *internally*)

... created maps of my fictional worlds

I've tried, but apparently I'm terrible at map-making. My attempts always come out REALLY bad.

... researched something shady for a novel

I probably have, but sadly I can't remember anything specific. Most likely something to do with an injury.


And that's a wrap! These tags were great fun and I highly recommend doing them if you haven't already. (Yes, I know I didn't tag anybody. I'M SORRY. I've become horrible at following blog tag rules.)

It's MARCH, guys. This means warm weather is moving in (hooray for spring!!). I've also got special bloggy plans for this month, to stay tuned for that.

Have an epic rest of the week, frens!

The Lord's Truly,
Do you love noodles as much as I do? (*sniff* I highly doubt it, but feel free to present your case.) Have you ever played Never Have I Ever, writerly or otherwise? Comment below!


  1. Aggghhhh why would they make you choose between noodles and rice? I could NEVER. It depends so much on the dish.

    I actually have this tag coming later this month! (The Never Have I Ever, anyway.) It's super fun.


    1. Easy choice for me (I don't like rice QUITE as much all around), but I sympathize greatly with your struggle. *pats you on the back*

      Oooooh AWESOME! I can't waaaaait!!


  2. NOOODLESSSS! Noodles are the BEST. Unless it’s a danger noodle, in which case we should do our best to avoid it.

    Also I didn’t even know that was a trope but I 100% agree! 😱 Because idk if it qualifies as foreshadowing but ... FORESHADOWING.

    So excited for Marrrchhh ahhh! <333

    1. YESSSSSSSS. But you're right about the danger noodles. Good point right there.

      FORESHADOWING IS THE BEST!!! And that particular version of it is SO amazing. Nothing gets me more excited. XD

      Same hereeeee!! <333333

  3. INFPs unite!!! Oh yeah, you are definitely one, too. :D Girl, you're going to start your new book by hand!? Impressive! I can never do that because I can't read my hand writing. XD

    1. *high five* Indeed!!! INFPs gotta stick together. :D :D

      Yesssss I am! Here's hoping it works out!! And hehe I sowwy. The struggle is real. XD

  4. Oooh, good luck writing your new novel by hand, that's so cool!! I just checked out clahrah's videos, they're so aesthetically pleasing ahhhh. Also, I 100% agree that to-do lists are a really effective method; I love the *idea* of bullet journalling and calendar blocking, but I've tried both and can never commit. To-do lists are just so easy to create and complete! YES TO NOODLES... I love them so much, haha! XD

    This was so fun to read, have an awesome week <333

    1. Thanks, Ash!! And EEP aren't clahrah's videos stunning?? <3

      SAME, planning my life like that is hard in general. XD And NOODLES FOREVER!!!!

      Thank you so much, Ash, you too!!!! <33333

  5. Ahhh, I love watching people do my tag. I can’t believe how popular it’s become❤️❤️

    NOODLESSSSSSS. 10/10 agree with you on that one. Pasta is legitimately like my favorite food in the history of the world. 💜💖

    1. It's an AWESOME tag, Bree!! Thanks so much for creating it! <3

      Pasta is legit my favorite food TOO!!! So, so good!

  6. I like writing by hand sometimes too.

  7. I'm actually intolerant to rice (yes, I know, it's weird), so I often have to substitute with pasta. Even last night, my family had General Taos chicken and I had it over noodles. Kinda weird, but it worked.

    I do really wish they had half-stars on Goodreads. It would make rating so much easier.

    1. Ahhh interesting. And idk if I've ever had General Taos chicken before, but I'm so glad it worked with the noodles lol!!

      Oh it would be SO much easier. COME ON GOODREADS!

  8. YESS NOODLES FOR THE WIN. I mean, rice is great too, but pasta is like my favorite food. xD

    That's awesome that you're going to write a novel by hand! I honestly don't think I'd have the patience for that. I can barely write a short story by hand. xD It's something I'd like to start doing more, though.


    1. Pasta is INCREDIBLE, no doubt about that. XD

      Yessss I'm so excited!! So far it's going great for this story. :D I've struggled with it in the past, though!


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