Saturday, January 4, 2020

A SEASON OF SUBTERFUGE, COURTIERS, AND WAR COUNCILS // nicki chapelway cover reveal!

Welcome, friends!!! It's 2020 and that is just... wow. I have some nostalgic posts coming up (also some kind of celebration for this blog's birthday!), but today I'm jumping into a new blogging year with a COVER REVEAL. And that for none other than A Season of Subterfuge, Courtiers, and War Councils by Nicki Chapelway, the third installment in the My Time in Amar series. If you haven't read the first two books, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommmend them. Some of the best portal fantasy I've ever read!

Any of you who have read A Time of Trepidation, Pirates, and Lost Princesses knows that we NEED THE THIRD BOOK ASAP. But this cover will have to tide us over until Nicki can get the book written and ready for us. (I'll be nice this time and won't make you scroll. XD)

Isn't it gorgeous???!!! It's probably my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of the MTiA covers so far. Those details tho. O_O

Thrust into a fight seven hundred years in the making, Chelsea and her friends find themselves against an immortal emperor. If they return the true heir of Ione to her rightful throne, then they will finally be free of the magical world of Amar. But that’s easier said than done. They will need the support of the other kingdoms of Amar if they hope to stand a chance at defeating Axius. But who would follow four kids into battle?

As assassins hound their every step, Chelsea and her friends struggle to find a way to call a War Council against Axius. Chelsea travels north to Renlain a land of dragons and secrets. With Easton as her only ally, she must learn to navigate a world where ballrooms are the battlegrounds and coy smiles hide deadly intents. And it seems that everyone with any amount of power wants them dead. As if having to constantly be on guard to avoid death via a poisoned drink or an assassin's blade is not enough, Chelsea also has to face her conflicting feelings for Easton.

Survival isn’t enough. They have to find a way to start this war. And they have to win it. Or else they will never get home. But victory will not come without a cost and to win they must sell their consciences. How far are they truly willing to go to complete this quest and get home?


Have you read any of Nicki's books? (You should.) Which one is your favorite? Mine has gotta be A Certain Sort of Madness, although I love alllll of them. *huggles books* Comment below!

The Lord's Truly,
Hope you're all having a fantastic start to 2020! <3


  1. OH MY WORD IT'S BEAUTIFUL <3 <3 <3 definitely my favorite out of all her covers!

    (also, thank you for being nice and not making us scroll XD)

    1. ISN'T IT??? <333 I love it toooooo!

      You're very welcome. XD

  2. I can't wait to read this! After the cliffhanger from the last two...

  3. AGH It's so beautiful! ;-; <333

    Also what? 2020? I don't believe you. XD

    1. It's beautimousssss <333

      Yeah... January is nearly over and it's still a little hard to believe. XD

  4. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! *heart eyes*
    I really need to read this series ASAP, lol <3

    1. ME TOO!!!! <3

      Yes, you really do, my friend. It's amazing!

  5. What a gorgeous cover!! Thanks for the recommendation Lila! <3


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