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THE SHARED WIP TAG - WEEK 4 // meet the side characters!

Ah yes, time to introduce the side characters of Flecks of Green. *rubs hands together* I haven't talked about these particular people AT ALL yet (except for Tink), so I'm incredibly excited for you to meet them!

This is Week 4 of the NaNo 2019 Shared WIP Tag hosted by Julian. Click to read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3!

First of all, here are some pictures (from Pinterest; all credit to original owners) that briefly introduce my top five side characters and help you visualize them for the answers to the questions:


Celine Bethmann

ex-sorceress // guardian of the dragons // keeper of the labyrinth


When he sleeps only then does he truly let his guard down. Only then can you see how young he is. A hero. A child. He carries too much on his shoulders. My dear, just ask for help before your star falls and fades.

friend of Robin's // sorta-friend of Marlina's



sorceress // friend of Jae's (and yet not a friend... it's complicated)


Que hermosa esta Es una linda princesa Guuuuuaaaaaaauuuuuuuu 😃

fairy, of course // friend of Peter Pan's


Joel Courtney of Super 8.  This move is an instant classic.

boy who is both young and old // Robin's friend // Peter's friend

If you had to go on a mission with any of your SCs, which one(s) would you pick?

Jae, probably. She's got this air of confidence about her that makes her a generally comfortable person to be around (unless you're aware of the full extent of her abilities, in which case you may be rather scared of her - and unless you're Robin, in which case you would hate her for her superiority over you). And I feel like her nonchalant attitude would help my anxiety in the midst of danger. ;P

Jae's a leader, and I'm a follower. It works out perfectly.

Which of your side characters attempts to steal attention from the MC the most? 

I haven't even started Marlina's POV yet - I've been digging deep into Robin's for most of the month - so I'm picking this character based off my outline, BUT Tink has a VERY interesting arc in this book and I suspect she'll be stealing the attention from Marlina a lot (because yes, she's mostly in Marlina's POV). I and future readers alike will be looking at the fairy like O_O while poor Marlina tries her best to keep her own story moving forward.

Which SC would annoy you the most and which one would you bond with the most?

Vixen would annoy me the most, and I'd definitely bond with Slightly the most.

Which SC would you be most attracted to, romantically or platonically?


John all the way.

I love that boy. XD

Allow me to explain. He's tall and dark-haired and handsome, and he's got a quiet, mature personality with a light sprinkling of a sense of humor thrown in there - although he's generally a solemn guy. He's also very caring and considerate of other people.

He's just... kinda perfect? (except not - obviously I gave him flaws when I developed him. But... you know what I mean. XD)

Would you fit in with your SCs collectively, or would they not be your type of friend group?

Oh boy. I think the real question here is would my SCs fit in with each other? Because WOW what a bunch.

... Yeah, I think this friend group would fall apart fast. Jae and Tink would argue A LOT, John would never know what to say, Vixen would silently mock and judge everyone while keeping a straight face, and Slightly would be the only one willing to open up.

And me? I'd be sitting there next to John, not knowing what to say and feeling like the ultimate awkward potato.

If your SCs are not all friends, what would result if you were to thrust them together as a group and assign them an activity?

Tink and Jae would both try to take the lead and then it would get messyyyyy.

Which SC would fit into our world the most?

Definitely not Tink or Slightly. Or Jae, when I really think about it. So that leaves either John or Vixen. Vixen is very independent, so... Hmmm, yeah, I think Vixen would fit in the most.

Which SC makes you laugh the most?

Slightly! He's sweet and funny and a breath of fresh air in the midst of the utter madness that is this book. At the very least he makes me smile. <3

Which SC could probably get removed without affecting much of the story?

Slightly again. It makes me sad to say it, but it's the truth.

He's not going anywhere, though! He IS important, just... less indispensable than the other SCs.

Which SC could never get removed because of how important their role is?

ALL OF THEM. The absolute most important, though? Probably Jae, because without her there would be no plot whatsoever. She's the reason Robin has his adventure and the reason Marlina has hers. XD

Can't tell you why, obviously. Mwahaha.

*insert nice outro that I have no time for here because I'm behind on NaNo and I need to go wriiiiiite*

The Lord's Truly,
Which of my side characters intrigues you the most? Comment below!


  1. Lilaaaa why do you have to do this to meee. I didn't know these people existed (except Slightly and I am SO EXCITED to see that he's in Flecks of Green!!). I cannot waiiit my friend to meet Jae and Vixen and Johnnnn. XD <333

    Good luck with NaNo, girl! I'm sending you all the chia seeds.

    1. I'm sorryyyyy, but that's just how it beeeee. And yeah, I've kinda kept them a secret, haven't I? XD

      YESSSS, SLIGHTLY AND TINK ARE VERY BIG CHARACTERS IN THIS. EEP. I can't wait for you to meet the others either. XD

      Thank you!!! <3333 *consumes chia seeds*

  2. CHARACTERS!!!! Oh, I love all of them already. Slightly sounds precious, John perfect, and I would love to follow Jae. *hugs them all* I'm really interested in seeing your version of Tink!!! And Vixen is so mysterious...Love it! Thanks for sharing your babies! Keep up the good work on NaNo!!!!


      *hugs YOU for being so sweet* <333

      Awww, I love sharing my babies!! THANK YOU!!!

  3. TIIIIIINK!!!!!!!!!

    (Okay so like is there a reason that ROBIN has a best friend named JOHN???? I am suspicious. I am very suspicious.)

    These characters look so amazing!!! I can't wait for this book <3 <3

    1. TINKYYYYYY!!! :D

      (There might be?? Who knows XD)

      THANKS SO MUCH, FAITH!!!! <3333

  4. All these characters sound so interesting. :) I'm very interested in what may be going in the "friendship" between Vixen and Jae...
    And even though I really hated the ending of Peter Pan I am really interested in seeing your take on it. :D

    1. Eek, thanks, Quinley! And mwahaha, yes, Vixen and Jae have a most interesting "friendship" indeed. XD

      Awww, thank you!

  5. Oooooh I want to jump into your story right now and meet all these charries! And maybe break up one or two of their fights. xD Hope NaNo is going well! <3

    1. I want you to meet them toooooo! And yes please, they do kinda need someone to put them in their place. XD

      Thank you, Melissa!! <3 It IS going well, despite how difficult it's been. I wrote 5k in one day yesterday, and it was pretty exhausting but also incredibly fun!

  6. these side characters sound so mystical and intriguing and I need to read your novel ASAP. *cries*
    How was NaNo for you? :D

    p.s. Awkward potatoes for the win! XD

    1. I'm so glad you like the sound of them!! *cries with you bc I can't share it while it's in this half-finished, horrible-first-draft state* XD

      It was awesome! I'm still in recovery mode, lol, but it was SO worth it and I enjoyed the experience so much <3


  7. These characters all sound so precious and I love them!


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