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THE SHARED WIP TAG - WEEK 3 // meet the main characters and villain

Welcome to Week 3 of the NaNo 2019 Shared WIP Tag! Today we'll be talking about the main character and the villain. I have two main characters, so this oughtta be interesting. Even more interesting, though, is the fact that I actually don't know a whole lot about my villain?? I promise I'm a plotter, but... yeah, I didn't spend toooooo much time planning out everything there is to know about my villain. He's probably the only BIG character in the book that I didn't deeply develop.

Let the interesting blog post commence.

Would you be friends with your MC? Why or why not?

Marlina? Yes.

Robin? No.

Marlina is a lot like me - quiet, awkward, full of dreams, bursting with scenarios. I think she and I would really click. Robin, on the other hand, is exactly the type of person I would not be comfortable around. Other than being my polar opposite, he's very overbearing. And overbearing people make me withdraw into myself. I never know what to say around them, so I don't say anything, so we never become friends.

What would an ordinary day look like in the shoes of your MC?

What does ordinary even MEAN for my MCs? I suppose for Marlina, an ordinary day would look like getting up, making breakfast for her and her bedridden aunt, and then going to work at the bakery. That aligns more with Blue Like Sapphires, though. Ordinary simply doesn't exist in Flecks of Green. For anyone.

I only want two things in this world. I want you and I want us.

You’re walking down the sidewalk when the villain approaches you and tells you he needs your help. What do you do?

*snort* Okay, so my villain wouldn't ask for my help. He wouldn't, in any case, need my help (or anyone's). But for the sake of this question, I'll do my best to imagine the scenario.

Truth be told, since he doesn't have a particularly scary appearance (unless he turns on Dark Magic Mode haha), I'd probably just give him a weird look and walk right by without saying anything. If he were even close to a decent guy, he'd leave me alone. If he didn't leave me alone (and he probably wouldn't because he's nowhere near a decent guy), that's when I'd start to be terrified and call the police + scream + run.

What would be your first impression of your MC upon meeting them?

Marlina: normal, sweet girl I'd immediately feel like I could approach and say hi to, start a friendship with, etc.

Robin: crazy, goofy guy whose extroverted nature is so different from my introverted nature that he might as well be living on a separate planet. I'd immediately be jealous of how openly cheerful and generally expressive he is and would blush if he so much as glanced my way - due to the sheer force of his extrovertedness.

What would be your first impression of your villain upon meeting them?

His behavior exudes authority and power, so I'd immediately feel inferior to him. A person who has any kind of authority over me tends to make me feel like a peasant beside a king (small exaggeration), so I often withdraw into myself around them and try to avoid them as much as possible. Simply seeing my villain would prompt that reaction. It doesn't help that if I actually talked to him, he probably wouldn't be nice. At all.

And that would just make me miserable. :P

What would happen if you were stuck in an elevator with your villain for five (or worse, ten) minutes?

Honestly, I doubt anything WOULD happen? Unless, that is, the villain is in the elevator to try to abduct me specifically - in which case I'm a goner because he has dark, powerful magic at his disposal. I'd try to pretend like I was the only one in the elevator, and he would probably regard my presence as something akin to a piece of dirt stuck to the bottom of his shoe. He's not a nice guy, but he sticks to his purpose. I don't think he'd be one to stop random girls in elevators unless it's somehow part of his larger scheme.

What makes your MC most like you and least like you?

Robin isn't like me at all.


Okay, fine, so if we dig REALLY deep, into the soul stuff, I suppose Robin could relate to some of my low self-esteem struggles. I'm not unique enough, not special enough, not interesting enough. << That kind of thing. Despite his openly happy-go-lucky behavior, he hides some very human struggles under the surface.

Marlina is similar to me in many, many ways. She's a dreamer, a fantasizer, a stresser. SO MUCH STRESS, YO. She's not much of a procrastinator, though, and I definitely am, so I'd say she's least like me in that respect. XD

What song or selection of words best describes your villain?

A beating heart of stone

You gotta be so cold
To make it in this world
Yeah, you're a natural
Living your life cutthroat
You gotta be so cold

~ Natural // Imagine Dragons

If your MC was teleported to your front porch, what would be their reaction (and what would be yours)?

Robin: His reaction would be to try to break in and explore. NEW ADVENTURE WHOOP WHOOP. As for me? I'd call the police, even if/when I learned it was my own character. (That sounds cold, wow. I do like Robin, okay?? MOSTLY. HE'S JUST KINDA FREAKY.)

Marlina: She'd probably faint, to be honest. Being teleported would majorly freak her out. I'd find her unconscious on my porch the next morning and have to revive her and tend to her, poor thing.

If the antagonist had a dream come true, what would it be? (no spoilers!)

Ummmm, it would be to take over the world. We'd all become slaves. *gulp*

I have a fairly typical villain this time, looks like. Ah well. It'll be fun to write him anyway. :D


Sooooo, you may be wondering how my first NaNo is going. Allow me to sum it up in three gifs:

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Kinda dying, definitely going crazy, and mostly having fun. That about covers it.

The Lord's Truly,
Fellow NaNo-ers: Do you think dying, going crazy, or having fun best describes your NaNo experience so far? The going crazy one probably applies to me the most at this present moment, but s'all good. XD Comment below!


  1. Is it weird that Robin sounds like exactly the opposite of me in almost every way, but he is still my favorite? XD Nice job of making the villain so curiousity is still here!! Good job, Lila! I can't believe that we are half way through NaNo! Those gifs describe it perfectly!!

    1. Same, tho. XD Robin is such an interesting personage.

      Thanks!! It helps to be vague when I don't know much about him myself lol. :D

      Thank youuuuuu! I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT EITHER.

  2. Well! That sure looks like a boatload of fun!! Seriously, though, lol. NaNo is crazy.

    So glad I'm not doing it anymore. Heheh. And yet I'm still writing...?

    Robin is hilarious. Marlina seems like a very sweet interesting character. As for your villain... *says nothing*


    1. It IS a boatload of fun. And of craziness. That's indeed NaNo for ya. XD

      Hehe, I'm so glad you've been able to keep writing this month anyway!! November is such a busy month for everyone, I feel like. GO, MERIE!!!!

      Thank you so much! These CHILDREN, wow. They be crazy. XD And my villain... *blinks* Yeah

  3. "SO MUCH STRESS, YO." << sums up my life in 4 words basically XDD

    Anyways, I am so sorry for barely ever stopping by anymore, girl!!! I definitely need to catch up with your awesome posts. <333

    Ooh, Marlina sounds really similar to me (except the procrastinating thing, I am literally the best procrastinator you will ever find XD), but I think Robin is going to be my fave character. ;)

    Good luck with the rest of NaNo, girlie!! You've got this *cheers* <333

    1. I know, right??? XD

      No problem, Ash!!! <333333

      Same! Marlina is kinda supposed to be the relatable character, I feel like, and then Robin is supposed to be the wild child everybody just loves because he's... well, a wild child. XD

      THANK YOU, FRIEND!!! <333

  4. You must know something we don't if you think Robin is creepy, Lila. Because he sounds awesome!!! I think Marlina sounds sweet and sisterly: I like her name a lot!

    1. Well, I kinda DO know something nobody else knows mwahaha... but THANK YOU!

      Thaaaaanks, I really like Marlina's name too. ;D

  5. "Kinda dying, definitely going crazy, and mostly having fun." Yep, sounds like NaNo!! I'm sure you're doing fantastically though, keep up the good work! *high fives and hugs*

    I love how different to Robin you are, it made all your answers so amusing. xD Can't wait to read about him one day! <3

    1. Thanks so much, Melissa!!! All the kind words and virtual hugs you send over have really encouraged this NaNo-er. <333

      Hehe thanks, I'm glad! XD And MEEP I can't wait for you to read about him either. :D

  6. Those gifs are so accurate,my word *cackles* I love this.

    Also Robin sounds so majorly snarky and amazing and I love him already.

    (And I'd call the cops if one of my characters broke into my house, too? I mean, good heavens. I'd probably be the one who passed out, if we're being honest xD)

    1. Mwahaha I'm so glad you like XD

      Robin IS majorly snarky... Can't wait for you to meet him! *more cackling*

      (Same, girl. Same. XD)

  7. Loving the sound of these characters!

    1. Thanks, Skye!!! I'm so excited you like them :D


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