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SEPTEMBER 2019 GOALS // lofty? perhaps

I don't create goals for every month. In fact, I haven't made a list of monthly goals since I-don't-even-know-when. Every now and then, however, I get an urge to shake things up and push myself in new ways, and that's how I happen to feel about September. So LET'S DO THIS THING.

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I have two main goals to share (thought out beforehand) and three personal goals (admittedly impromptu). So let's get into it!

Goal #1: Write 30,000 words in Blue Like Sapphires.

Considering how I barely squeezed in 20k words last month, this is going to be a challenge. But I'm counting on September being MUCH less hectic than August, so I'm hoping! I have to write literally the equivalent of 1,000 words every day to reach this goal, but I've been able to write this book faster than its predecessor (maybe because I plotted it out beforehand?), so doubling up if I miss a day or two even every week shouldn't be a problem.

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I picked this number because I'm assuming Blue Like Sapphires is going to end up at around 100k in all, and since I'm currently at a little over 70k, writing 30k will put me virtually at the end of the book by the end of the month. And I'd very much like a break from novel-writing in October to work on flash fictions and plot for book 3 and all that good stuff.


Goal #2: Read 5 books.

Not counting official school books, that is. XD

This is prooooobably my loftiest goal. Lately my reading pace has been more tortoise-y than hare-ish, but I want to up my game in the next couple months before November hits. Because we all know what November means. It means NANOWRIMO. And yes, I intend to participate this year.

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I will in all likelihood lose my mind, but I just HAVE to do November NaNo before college hits and the opportunity vanishes for the next four years, ya know??

But I digress. We're talking about books. Behold my December TBR!

- Finale by Stephanie Garber


Unfortunately, I don't have high expectations for this one. I'm excited to read it and see how the series ends, but I'm mildly concerned because Legendary didn't live up to the loveliness that was Caraval. Not by a long shot. *cries*

We'll give Finale the benefit of the doubt, though.

- Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe


This is kinda for school but also kinda not? It's not part of my actual literature class; it's from a separate reading list I'm supposed to make my way through during the year. I don't have to write anything for the books on said list - I just have to read them. Which is nice!

We'll start with this one because... why not? XD

- Moonblood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl


High hopes for this one, my friends. :D


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I'm really enjoying the Tales of Goldstone Wood series! I talk a little bit more about that in my August wrap-up, if you're interested.

- The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway


Another one from the sort-of-school reading list! I picked it because it's short and I'll need a break at some point from the other long fantasies on this TBR. << Don't ask me why I've included so many because I don't know.

(I just love fantasy, that's why. XD)

- Heartless by Marissa Meyer

18584855. sy475

I'm long overdue for a reread of this gem. Loooooong overdue.

Me @ my heart:

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My more personal goals for the month include...

- talking to God more. Moment of transparency: Do you ever go through phases where you don't give God much of your attention in prayer and then wonder why you feel so stressed and overwhelmed? Because... yeah. -_- With the conglomeration of doing school, playing soccer, keeping up with writing and reading and blogging, and just ALL THE THINGS filling up my life, I want to make sure I'm putting the kingdom of God first. My prayer life has been sagging lately, so that'll be my focus going into this new month. <3

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." ~ Matthew 6:33

- practicing Spanish more. I have to read, listen to, and memorize Spanish throughout the school week, but one thing that really helped me last year was watching Spanish videos and reading Spanish short stories on my own. Of my own free will. It was valuable practice, and above all it was FUN. I felt like I was taking actual, significant steps toward learning this beautiful language. But I fell out of that during the summer - and it's totally my fault - so now I need to work those habits back in.

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- getting back into journaling. I'm not sure how I'll approach this yet, but for some reason motivation for writing in my journal has been LOW. Maybe it's because I do so much writing anyway (school assignments, self-imposed fiction projects, blog posts, etc.) that my brain is finding any way it can to PLEASE TAKE A BREAK. JUST A TEENSY BREAK. A few months ago the blog you're reading right now was its target. Now its newest target is my journal. The target to avoid at all costs, that is. :P

I'm generally okay with this, but I've been a journaler for so long that whenever I'm not actively journaling, I feel like a smol part of me has packed up and left. This month I'm going to try to get that smol part of me to come back.

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And those, in a nutshell, are my September goals. XD I'll do my best to fulfill them all. *projects confidence*

The Lord's Truly,

What are your goals or plans for September? And WHO'S EXCITED FOR FALL? I know I am. :D Talk to me in the comments below!


  1. Go Lila!!!! You can totally do this!!!! Jump into that beautiful blueness! (Plotting a book three?? That's so exciting!)

    Your personal goals are things I need to work on, too! Spending more time talking with God is so important! Oh, man, Spanish. A few months ago I watched a whole movie in Spanish, and I understood quite a bit, so I want to try it again! I haven't journaled since July *cries*, so I definitely want to get back into that, too!

    Have a beautiful September, Lila! <3

    1. *takes the plunge* Thanks for the encouragement, Clare!!! (Yesssss, a book 3! I'm excited about it :D)

      *hugs* We'll have to keep each other accountable for these things! Understanding Spanish is really hard to understand via listening, so that is AWESOME. But yeah, I need more practice too! And journaling... it's slipping away from me too - COME BAAAAAAACK. XD

      Thanks, girl, you too!! <3

  2. These goals are awesome! <3 You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be cheering you on the whole time. (My only goal for September? GET A JOB.)

    1. Thank you, Faith!!!! I'm rooting for you too! (YOU CAN DO IIIIIIT :D)

  3. YOU ARE GOING TO CRUSH SEPTEMBER, LILA! *pompoms* Wishing you the best of luck! You got this! <3

    1. EEK, THANKS SO MUCH!!! The encouragement means so much. <3333

  4. Okay, the GIFs in this post were killing me. XD XD
    Wishing you luck for 30k!! (not that you'll need've TOTALLY GOT THIS <3)
    You're learning Spanish?! That is SUPER cool...I've been wanting to learn a new language and think I might start soon *crosses fingers*
    Hope you tackle these awesome goals this month, Lila! <3 <3 <3

    1. I'm so glad you liked them! I worried I was going overboard. XD

      Awwww, THANK YOU. <33


      Thank you, I hope so too! <333

  5. Sarah just found a copy of Heartless for me. I can't wait to read it!!

    Journaling is so much fun. I have no artistic ability, and hate doodling and such, but I love lists, so mine is mostly lists. XD

    1. Ooooooooh! I'm guessing the Anne Elisabeth Stengl one? XD I'M SO EXCITED TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK.

      Lists are EPIC. And same, I have zero artistic ability. XD


    Good luck with your word count goal!! I set mine low because I don't trust myself. xD My goal is to write 10k in my WIP, which I haven't worked on since Camp NaNo, but I'm really hoping once I get back into it I'll be able to get more written.

    Lol my reading is like a tortoise stuck in peanut butter lately. XD

    Oh boy, you may as well have yelled "HEY EMILY, LISTEN UP" on the part about prayer and feeling stressed. I've never been one to feel very stressed, but I've had moments lately when I just felt so anxious and uneasy and really just needed some peace. And hmmm... I haven't been praying AT ALL lately. It's so shamefully hard to commit time to it, and sometimes I want to yell at myself because IT SHOULDN'T BE THAT HARD. Thanks for sharing that verse; it's one I definitely need to keep in mind.

    I hope you have an awesome September/fall! :D


      Oh wow, I've actually been having doubts about this blog post, so it was uplifting to hear how that spoke to you. I'll pray for you, Emily! It shouldn't be so hard, but it IS. I FEEL YOU. <3

      Thanks so much!! Same to you! :D

  7. some fun goals there ;D
    I really want to read Heartless too.

    My goals ... learn a new language and fall in love with a new country since I'll be living there ;)


    1. Hey, thanks! XD

      READ IT.

      WOW, THAT IS SOOOOOO AWESOME. *flails* I can't wait to hear more about this. O_O :D

  8. Wow, these are some pretty cool coals. #iapproveofthisplan

    I used to try to journal a year or so ago, but it ended with screaming, flames, and a few casualties. I just obsessed over every entry being perfect, so in the end it was way more stressful than it was stress-relieving XD

    Those books look really good. I think Julian just got the hardback of Heartless...*scrolls through comments* oh yah.


    1. Why, thank you! :D

      Oof. I'm sorry your experience with journaling wasn't the greatest. :P It's not for everyone!

      YESSSSS, SHE DID. And I am excitement. :D

  9. Best of luck with all your goals! I need to read Finale too, I'm worried about what she'll do with Jacks.


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