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REACTING TO MY OLD BLOG POSTS PART 1 // commentary and gifs abound

Reacting to old/first videos is popular content on YouTube. It's always entertaining to watch, so I thought... why not do the same for my blog?? I decided to roll with the idea (last minute because I am a very last-minute blogger) and see where it took me. You're about to read the result!

First off, the ancient post I'll be reacting to today is not from this blog, The Red-Hooded Writer. It's from my old blog, The Cheapskate Bibliomaniac. The former is too young for the purposes of this demonstration, but the latter was started in October 2016, and the post I'll be reacting to today is the second one I EVER wrote. My mom and myself - and maybe one or two of my best friends, to whom I apologize XD - were the only audience at that time.

The post was first published October 8, 2016, and its name is "Bookstore Bittersweetness." (<< Do you have questions? Good.)


Note 1: The original post will be in normal text. My commentary is in bold.

Note 2: All gifs are part of my commentary. When I first started blogging I don't think I even knew gifs were a thing, so... I didn't use them. Nor did I use any pictures or other visuals whatsoever. XD


For an enthusiastic reader such as myself, walking into a library or bookstore is like stepping into a whole new world full of beauty and promise.

Wow, WHAT an intro. 

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It's 100% true, but... it sounds so naive. Since I was such a baby blogger, however, I'll forgive myself.

All those shelves and shelves of books, pleading with me to explore more worlds and befriend more characters. And the anticipation of walking back out with at least one new glorious find!

These days all I do is stare at books, sometimes stroke them, and then leave the library with nothing. Why? Because these days I request all my books ahead of time so the librarians have to get them for me. 😆

Honestly the only reason I go to the library anymore is to sit at a quiet table and write OR to pick up my pre-fetched books. Or both. XD It's still my favorite place ever, though!

Unless it's a bookstore, that is. If it's a bookstore, you can knock the anticipation part off the list and chuck it out the window.

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Because when you're a cheapskate like me, you rarely carry money with you in public.

Adulting has ruined this. Nowadays I carry all my money with me in the form of a debit card. XD

It's just not something you find necessary. And even if you do happen to have some, it's not like you're going to buy anything with it.

The second-person tense here is quite effective, if I do say so myself.

Thankfully, because of libraries, thrifty bibliophiles like me have nothing to worry about.

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As long as I have my library card, I can pile up as many books as I want and take them home without spending a dime. It's something we should enjoy to its fullest extent. I mean, what if there were no libraries, and pretty much the only way to get a book was to buy it?

My writing voice in this post is super amusing for some reason. What can I say - I was a baby blogger. I only discovered my blogging community - my people :D - AFTER I stepped into the blogging world.

If that was the case, I would either be broke right now or wouldn't be in half as many book fandoms. Both sound appalling.

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The thing is, holding a library book and holding one of my own are two very different things. Just ask any mother about the distinction between holding her own baby and holding another's.

OKAYYYYYY. I hate my younger self for using this analogy. WHAT WAS I THINKING? *hides*

While library books are wonderful (unless they've been plagued by water damage or have dried snot between the pages), you don't get to keep them. Actual possession is what bookstores are for.

Thank you, m'dear, for explaining the difference between a library and a bookstore. Such uncommon knowledge is valuable.

Also I've encountered snot between the pages of library books one too many times. Someone send help.  -_-

Ah, bookstores. In a way, they are better than libraries.

Oooooh, that is BOLD.

For one thing, while the vast majority of library books are hardcovers, the vast majority of bookstore books are paperbacks - in my opinion, paperbacks are better.

Why did I have this opinion? Probably because everyone else said they liked paperbacks better. Nowadays I don't really know?? There are pros and cons to both of them.

Also, the covers of bookstore books tend to have a special smoothness to them, their pages aren't even the slightest bit yellow, and I have yet to come across water damage or dried snot. Overall, they're nicer than library books.

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If you have ever seen me in a bookstore, I'm the one who isn't ashamed to sit cross-legged on the floor in front of the shelf.

Now I'm ashamed because I haven't done that in FOREVER. O_o

It's always hard seeing a book that I have read before and loved, or have heard great things about and know I'll love. Those are the books I desperately want to buy. But then again...

*cue awkward storytelling section...*

I'm sitting in the bookstore holding the first book in the Michael Vey series by Richard Paul Evans.

To help with the visual:


I stare at the amazing cover. I read the amazing first chapter. I listen to my friend beside me gushing about the amazing characters. The problem is, thirty dollars are burning a hole in my pocket.

Let's just take a moment to appreciate my writing voice in this post.

Should I really spend my money on this? Is it worth it?

Related image
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I argue with myself for five minutes, and after doing a quick cost-benefit analysis, finally snap the book closed and put it back on the shelf. The library has Michael Vey.

I think I was learning about cost-benefit analysis in school at the time I was writing this post. XD

I was also deep in the Michael Vey fandom, if that wasn't clear enough.

This is a constant struggle for me. A "cheapskate" is someone who hates spending money. A "bibliomaniac" is someone who loves owning books.

BEHOLD, THE REASONING BEHIND THE NAME OF MY OLD BLOG. That was the whole purpose of this post, and I think I nailed it.

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They seem to contradict one another, but you can call me either one. If only there was a way to satisfy both of them all the time.

WHAT AN OUTRO. And I remain, to this day, the cheapest of cheapskate bibliomaniacs. *sigh* The struggle is real.


Final consensus: Cringey, obviously, but not toooooo bad? It could have been way worse, I'd say. My writing style is genuinely funny in some areas, and I choose to believe it was a fairly creative way of explaining my... interesting blog name. XD

I thought it would be fun to make this a mini blog series. Reacting to my most ancient posts from The Cheapskate Bibliomaniac. Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this and whether or not you'd be interested in a sequel or two!

The Lord's Truly,

Do you ever go back and read your ancient posts? XD If you're a blogger too, I'm interested to know what your oldest - or one of your oldest - posts was about! Let's discuss our old cringey posts in the comments below. ;P


  1. Okay this blog post is gold -- I may have to steal it and react to one of my hold (AND VERY CRINGE-WORTHY!) posts.

    1. Thanks, Kara, so happy you liked it!! AND YESSSSS, STEAL IT. DO IT. IT'LL BE EPIC. XD

  2. This was HILARIOUS xD And your old post isn't even all that bad! I mean, it's not the level of quality content we've all come to expect from you, but...yeah. xD My old posts are SO terrible and they scare me to death, so this could be a fun exercise -_-

    1. Lol, I'm glad you enjoyed, Faith!! Yeah, it's sorta fine. Not the best, but... whatever you say. XD


  3. I love looking back on things I did when I was younger and comparing my thought process then to the way it is now. Super insightful, if cringe worthy. Very funny post XDDD

    1. It's definitely really fascinating! And amusing. And cringey. XD Thanks, Evan!!!

  4. Lila, your post isn't that bad (seriously, it is soooo much better than any of my first posts)! I always loved the name The Cheapskate Bibliomaniac, so it was fun to read the reason behind it. Oh, but your commentary and gifs are GOLD. XD I would love to read more like this!

    1. It's... all right, I guess. XD

      Thank you so much, girl, I'll definitely do a sequel!!!

  5. I'm so here for more sarcastic commentary! Though, honestly, I didn't think that post was too cringy. Maybe just a little. But your commentary was GOLD (and now I know where your old blog name was from)!

    1. Okay, I'll do a sequel! It was a liiiiiittle cringey, but yeah, it could have been worse. XD

      Thank you so much! I was excited to share the reasoning behind my old blog's name!

  6. oh my goODNESS I LOVED THIS SO MUCH!!! Your commentary was *hilarious* XD XD XD I'd love to read a sequel! <3

    1. EEEK, THANK YOU, ASH!!!! <3 So excited you liked it. XD XD

      I'll do a sequel, for sure!

  7. I love the commentary.
    Though TBH I sit on the floor at any store because I am too old and lazy to STAND. Me? Stand there on my perfectly healthy legs? The idea!

    1. Thanks, MK!!!

      Oh my word, girl, you make me laugh so hard. XD XD

  8. Honestly, I didn’t think the post was that bad. XD But sarcastic commentary for the win!

  9. I don't think the original is bad, but your comments are hilarious!!! Love this idea. I'll steal it some rainy day ;D


  10. This is HILARIOUS! "Just ask any mother about the distinction between holding her own baby and holding another's." LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    Definitely do more! Your early posts are better than my old ones, so that's already a start, haha!

    1. Yeaaaaahhhhhh... not proud of that one. XD XD XD

      Okay, I will! Thanks, Hanne!! :D

  11. The commentary was great! Old posts are so...kind of enjoyable, though. Like, they hold memories of me when I was a smol hopeful blogger...

    Why are books so much money?? *sobs*

    1. Thanks, Julian!! Yeah, they kind of are in a sense! They make me feel nostalgic too. <3

      I KNOW, RIGHT??? *cries with you*

  12. I think it's cute. Way better than mine, which got deleted.

    1. Awwww, thanks! ^_^ Oof, sometimes they're better off gone from the face of the earth, I suppose. ;) I'm sure it wasn't alllll bad.


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