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100 DAYS OF SUNLIGHT BLOG TOUR // ft. an interview with author abbie emmons!

Welcome, friends, to the blog tour for 100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons! If you didn't already know about it (though I bet you do), 100 Days of Sunlight is a contemporary YA story about a blind girl who meets a boy with no legs. It sounds FANTASTIC and BEAUTIFUL and I can hardly wait to read it. <3

Today I'll be interviewing the author, Abbie Emmons, about all things regarding 100 Days of Sunlight and her general writing! I'm so excited to feature her on my blog in celebration of her book's release, and I dearly hope you enjoy our talk. :D


First off, CONGRATULATIONS on publishing your book!! We're all soooo pumped to read it. When and how did it become clear to you that 100 Days of Sunlight was going to be the first book you would publish?

Thank you so much, Lila!! I’m so excited to be publishing my debut novel, and beyond thrilled and honored that you are looking forward to it as well! You rock. ;)

When I first wrote the book, I knew it was going to be my debut novel – there’s just something super special about it to me. I consider it to be my best work, and before I even finished writing the first draft I knew it would be my first published work. 

You are obviously a BIG inspiration to so many writers (myself included) through your epic blog and YouTube channel, but who are some bloggers, YouTubers, or other creators who have inspired you as a writer? :D

Oh my goodness, thank you!! That means so much to me. Some creators who inspire me a lot are: my sister K.A. Emmons, Jasmine, Grace Anne, Keira, Mary Shelley, Olivia, Lavendaire, Amy Landino, and Sunny Lenarduzzi (and so many more!) 

We know from the blurb that 100 Days of Sunlight includes disability rep. How did you go about researching that? Do you enjoy researching for your stories?

My research process involved lots and lots and lots of reading; it was a super fascinating and educational journey that I really enjoyed. I read tons of blog posts, first-hand accounts, articles, more blog posts, watched vlogs and videos, asked questions, and read some more. The most interesting thing I learned is that every person’s experience is very different. This allowed me to give my characters a unique experience with the disabilities they faced, while still staying true to what I had learned of real-life experiences. Also, my editor had worked as a sighted guide at a center for the blind, so she was able to give some great input on Tessa’s condition and experiences.

Have you had any worries or anxieties connected to the release of your debut novel, and how have you fought those negative feelings?

I think every creator has to face these feelings of anxiety and self-doubt when putting out a piece of art that you’ve poured tons of time and energy and love into. But publishing a book feels so much more monumental than anything I’ve ever done, so the anxiety is amped up x10! My family has been a huge support to me during every step of the process, and they always help me stop overthinking and assure me that I just have to trust everything will work out fine. :)

What would you give as a comp title for 100 Days of Sunlight?

Hmm, probably Wonder, The Fault in Our Stars, and Five Feet Apart.

What is your favorite font to write with?

It really depends on my mood and the character – I like to change up the font between different characters’ points of view, as it helps me to bring a unique vibe to their voices. But my go-to writing font is usually Cochin or Athelas. 

How many drafts of 100 Days of Sunlight did you go through, and about how long did each draft take to complete?

Because I do so much outlining before I write the first draft, I don’t ever have to write an entirely new “second draft”. With 100 Days of Sunlight, I didn’t change much during the editing process. It was mostly a matter of line/copy editing and polishing everything...again and again. When I edit a first draft, I usually don’t change anything about the story itself – since I already worked that out in my outline. But my writing definitely needs lots of editing and rewording. I actually did a video showing side-by-side comparisons of my first draft and final draft of 100 Days, which explains my process pretty well. 

Would you mind sharing something from an early draft that you ended up cutting out - scene, character, or some other "killed darling"?

Hmm… I feel like I did more of this before writing the first draft. There were so many fun Weston/Rudy scenes that I thought of, but never actually wrote into the book! And some one-liners that I have scattered throughout my notes but sadly never made it into the first draft. Sometimes there just isn’t enough room, or the characters have a mind of their own and take the scene in a different direction. 

Are you a morning writer or a night writer?

I tend to write more at night. I think that’s because at the beginning of the day all I can think about is the work tasks I have to do, and my mind doesn’t feel relaxed enough to be creative. But at night, when all my work is done, I tend to feel more creative. Also sometimes I get up at 4 AM and write, and that’s such a wonderful time to be awake and writing while the rest of the world is asleep. 

Would you rather write in the depths of a sparkly crystal cave or in the middle of a vast flower meadow?

Oooh, they both seem like magical places to write. Probably the crystal cave because less bugs, haha! Now I really wish I had a crystal cave to write in… *sigh* my dining room will have to do for now. :)

Thank you so much for having me on your lovely blog today, Lila!! It was a pleasure to chat with you about all things writing. :)

Thank YOU, Abbie, for giving me the honor of featuring you on my blog! It was a pleasure to chat with you too. :))



The Lord's Truly,

Have you heard of 100 Days of Sunlight? Are you excited for it?? What are your favorite books ft. disability rep? And would you rather write in a sparkly crystal cave or a vast flower meadow? :D Comment below!


  1. Thank you so much for being a part of the blog tour and interviewing me, Lila! :)

    1. You're so welcome, Abbie!! I'm super excited I got be part of the blog tour! :D

  2. AHHH this was so much fun to read!! I CANNOT WAIT for 100 Days of Sunlight to come out in TWO DAYS and for my shiny copy to arrive!!! *squeals*

    I loved all the questions and answers in this interview! <3 <3 <3

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed, Ash! And ME NEITHER. *squeals with you*

      Thanks!! <3 And yep, her answers were EPIC.

  3. This was the most EPIC interview ever!!! I cannot wait for this book to release! *fangirling*

    (And totally a crystal cave. That would be awesome.)

    1. Thanks, Nicole!! ME NEITHER, HONESTLY. *major flailing*

      (I think I'd have to agree with you. :D)

  4. Ahhhhh this interview is so much fun <3

    Probably a flower meadow ;) XD

    1. Thanks, Faith! <3 Her answers are REALLY fun and interesting and I love them.

      Flower meadows are gorgeous. *heart eyes* XD


    Love your post Lila!! <3 <3 <3


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