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VOTED MOST LIKELY TAG // felfies & redheads & coma dust - oh my!

WELL, HELLO. It's been a while, but I'm finally jumping back into the blogging world to do an epic tag entitled the Voted Most Likely tag. And it involves talking about my own characters!

April's Camp NaNoWriMo was tough this year, but despite lagging behind almost all month, I pushed through to the end and won in the nick of time. :D

Winner 2019 - Facebook Cover

So this is the perfect time to do this tag - as a celebration, of sorts. XD

First, the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who tagged you.

Danielle @ Snapper tagged me. I am eternally grateful!

2. Include this link.

3. Use your own lovely Original Characters (OC's); don't use a friend's characters or characters from your favorite fandom. They can be from any project, so long as you created them. For more fun, try to use as many different characters as possible.

4. Tag at least five lovely bloggers to play along!

I doubt I'll be tagging anyone officially, but I unofficially tag any bloggers reading this. And although my characters aren't exactly original (Hansel, Gretel, Peter Pan, etc.), I DID create their personalities and such, so it counts. All is well.

Onto the "questions"!

~ most likely to become a poet ~

I can see my main character from Blue Like Sapphires (whose name is a secret for the time being mwahaha) writing poetry. She's the kind of dreamer who looks for the beauty in everything and notices all the details, so she'd be able to capture pieces of nature and life SO well in a poem.

My bare feet touched the grass, and my toes curled, but I smiled at the feeling of the scratchy blades against my skin. They felt like childhood.
Blue Like Sapphires

~ most likely to dance in the rain ~

The novella I wrote last year called Sleeping Stone, which I know I barely talk about on here (if I've ever mentioned it at all?? O-o), features a race of creatures called felfies - which are half fairies and half elves. One of the main characters is a felfy named Everli who I can totally see dancing in the rain. She's optimistic, starry-eyed, fun-loving, aaaaand in love with a human boy. So I wouldn't put randomly running outside and twirling around in the rain past her, for sure. :D

Though I doubt the moths that follow her around everywhere would appeciate the wet? *shrug*

Sleeping Stone collage:

pics via Pinterest; all credit to original creators

~ most likely to look good in a kilt ~

This is a hard one. *taps chin* I'd say... probably Hansel? He's a German-based character, so I guess he'd be more likely to wear lederhosen, but a kilt is close enough, right? :P

~ most likely to get punched in the face ~

I have a sassy redhead in Blue Like Sapphires (which, in case you didn't know, is the sequel to my fairy tale retelling novel Dusted Red) who has definitely been punched in the face before. He was raised in a rowdy orphanage where the boys constantly beat each other up, so... yeah. And I have NO doubt he'll get punched again some time.

He's also the type to get a leeeettle physically violent when it comes to defending his friends.

Here's a pretty accurate picture of him:

This is what I think Rowena and Gabriela kid would look like
via Pinterest, all credit to original creator

~ most likely to drop everything and become a shepherd ~

Peter Pan, since he kind of already did that. He dropped everything and hightailed it to Neverland to take care of his "flock" of fairies and mermaids. 

...Well, that's not a good comparison for the fairies, actually, because they're not stupid and they're constantly on the move, working hard. Now, the mermaids are a little bit of a better fit. Possibly.

If we're talking savage flesh-eating sheep, then yes.

Image result for flock of rabid sheep gif

~ most likely to be found in a library ~

If Hansel had the opportunity, I'm sure he'd be a voracious reader. I can see him running his fingers over spines on the shelves and curiously turning pages, maybe shoving large tomes into his battered leather satchel to read later.

Great, now I'm sad Hansel has no access to books. :( He doesn't even have access to the famous collection of Peter Pan legends, seeing as *cough* his father hates those legends. Or anything to do with Peter Pan, really.

~ most likely to sleep through an earthquake ~

Depends on whoever from Dusted Red or Blue Like Sapphires happens to have been doused with coma dust at the time of said earthquake.

What is "coma dust," you ask? Let's just that my Tinkerbell character (she's just called Tink in my retelling) specializes in dusts with magical properties, and coma dust is one of them. You administer it by pouring a little - or a lot, if you want to make CERTAIN the recipient stays out cold during that earthquake - into your palm and blowing it into your opponent's face.

Image result for blowing magic dust into face gif
via Giphy

~ most likely to steal food from other people's plates ~

This miiiight be cheating a little, but the main character from my favorite flash fiction I've written thus far - The Elusive Serpent, a pirate fantasy - fits this perfectly. His name is unknown (the flash fic is in first person, and no one uses his name to address him), but he's the mischievous young nephew of a pirate captain and he was raised on a pirate ship. Moreoever, he thinks his duty as a member of the crew is to annoy everyone. Stealing food from other people's plates is probably one of his favorite pastimes. XD

~ most likely to say "oops" after setting something on fire ~

There's a lot I don't know about Finn from Sleeping Stone, but although he's fairly mature for eighteen (sort of), he's definitely the type to Get Involved, whatever that might mean. If it means accidentally - or not so accidentally - setting something on fire, then so be it.

Finn is the older brother of the novella's MC, Braiden, who at sixteen is only a couple years younger. He can read Braiden like an open book but keeps a lot of secrets from him at the same time.

Secrets such as being in love with their friend Everli the felfy, whom neither of them has seen in... a long time. :'(

~ most likely to open an orphanage ~

Ayla is the main character from a novella-length Snow White retelling I wrote called The Seven Huntresses. Seeing as she grew up in an orphanage, I can see her someday opening one of her own - one nowhere near as miserable as the ill-maintained place she remembers so vividly from her childhood.

First, however, she must fulfill her duties as a Huntress to His Majesty the King. And perhaps survive some dire circumstances, who knows. ;)

The Seven Huntresses collage:

pics via Pinterest; all credit to original creators

~ most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse ~

Can I say all (*cough* most) of the villagers in Dusted Red? The shapeshifters in the surrounding woods are reminiscent of zombies in a vague, collective sense. It wouldn't work in an individual sense because zombies don't typically wear flowing black cloaks, have the ability to morph into animals, or are attractive. Shifters also don't moan creepily or limp. So... *shrug*

They do, however, bring danger and fearful anticipation to the villages, in the same way zombies would bring danger and fearful anticipation to any apocalypse survivors.

~ most likely to fake their own death ~

Princess Fiera is my villain from The Seven Huntresses, and she's definitely conniving enough to fake her own death. Deception is 100% her specialty.

Princess Fiera didn't need a mask. She was heartless from her raven-black hair to her slipper-shod feet, and I couldn't understand it. I couldn't understand why, or even how.
- The Seven Huntresses

~ most likely to die and haunt friends ~

Goldi is a little girl in Dusted Red who meets Hansel, Gretel, and Delmy in the woods. She's mute, so they can't learn the details of who she is or how she ended up lost in the middle of the dangerous Fawood, and she is also kind of strange.

The main reason she would be most likely to die and haunt Hansel, Gretel, and Delmy is because her first encounter with them scared the living daylights out of them. They were sleeping when she found them, and when Delmy woke up, the first thing she saw was a dirt-smudged eight-year-old girl just standing there and staring at her. Just STARING.

As you can imagine, that was terrifying for a few minutes. I feel like Goldi would be very effective as a creepy ghost. XD

~ most likely to get tagged ~

Aaaaaand I'm skipping this one. So that's a wrap!


My life has been... probably not AS crazy as I make it seem to myself, but still crazy. It took me forever to put this post together, not because I didn't enjoy it (I had so much fun!), but because I really took the "relaxing and taking my time" thing to heart. XD Sorry I didn't post a second time last month - I'll try to make up for it by posting twice more in May! And I have exciting things in the works, I promise. Planning for blogging is one thing I haven't been neglecting, lol.

Now talk to me in the comments! You have no idea how much I miss interacting with you guys. The nostalgia whenever I look back and read my old posts and their comment sections (because yes, I do that) is REAL. <3

So how have you been? Did you do Camp NaNoWriMo? Oooh, here's a fun one: Which one of your characters would be most likely to steal food from people's plates while wearing a kilt?? :D

The Lord's Truly,


  1. I was so happy when I saw a post from you in my feed. :) Welcome back!

    Great post, Lila! I loved reading about your characters - all of them sound SO intriguing. And congrats on your Camp NaNo win! *confetti*

    1. Awww, thanks, Nicole! I'm so happy to BE back!

      Thanks!! *grins hugely* They are awfully mysterious, even to me sometimes. ;P

  2. Your story sounds sooo intriguing! o.o

  3. Yay on winning Camp NaNo! You are awesome. :)

    Oh, these all sound so good! Especially the mysterious ones. ;)

    (Pst--I would love to read The Seven Huntresses if you ever want feedback!)

    1. Thanks so much, Clare!! You're awesome tooooo. <333

      Gotta love mysterious characters! ;D

      (Thanks for the offer - I miiiiiight take you up on it, but we'll see! I really appreciate it, girl!!)

  4. I loved doing this tag so much! And reading other people's answers, of course. Your fairytale retellings sound so interesting! I already want to know more. :D And the felfies! I'm literally in love. xD

    Also, I love the quotes and collages you included for your stories!

    1. Isn't it fun?? It's the most epicest tag ever. XD And thanks, I'm so excited you like the sound of my stories! <333

      Thank youuuuu!

  5. I'm doing this tag now, okay? XD It's going to be fun. It'll probably be stupid. We'll see. :P xD

    Ahhh, I forgot about your Seven Huntresses story! But reading this reminded me of how much I loved it <3 Ayla was so precious!


    Lovely post, my dear! <3

    1. OH MY GOSH DO IT. DO IT, I BEG YOU!!! It won't be stupid. XD

      I get nostalgic thinking about it. :') And awww, thank you so much! I'm still so ecstatic you enjoyed it!!


      Thanks! <3

  6. I still want to read one of your stories someday ... fairy tales are the best, and yours sound pretty good ;)

    1. EEP, thanks, Keturah! Fairy tales are the best ever! :D

  7. Your stories sound soo good! <3 <3 <3

    1. Awww, Kara! *smiles huge* I'm so glad you think so!! <333

  8. EEP these characters sound so fantastic! Aaaannd I love this tag! I'm hoping once I get my blog up and running that I'll get a chance to do this!

    1. *squeals with you* Thank you! And yessss, this tag is EPIC. You'll definitely need to do it - I would totally read your post!

      And welcome to my blog, Miranda! :D

  9. This was fun to read!
    I hope life gets a little less crazy for you!! :P

  10. Awwww I've missed hearing about your characters and stories! This made me feel all warm and nostalgic. <3 Congrats on winning NaNo!!!

    1. Oh my goodness. It warms my heart to hear that, Melissa! <3 And thank you!!

  11. Your characters all sound amazing! I really like the idea of Peter Pan herding sheep.

  12. I love this so much!! Your characters sound so fun!

    And welcome back!

    1. Thank you, Sarah!! They're certainly fun to write. :D Means a lot!

  13. YAYYYY!!! It's nice to see the welcoming red/white blog aesthetic again. <3

    Congrats on completing camp NaNo! Your books all sound super fun to read. *whispers* one day I'll read themmmm....

    1. EEEEEEK!! *grins* You have no idea how happy I am to hear that! <3

      Thank you! *whispers back* I definitely hope soooooooo... :D

  14. Your characters are so amazing! I haven't been able to read anyone's blog posts in so long (because of stupid school. bleh) so excuse me while I stalk all your old writing updates for more details on these stories XD

    1. Thanks so much, girl! And I'm sorry school has been consuming your time. I feel ya. :(

      Lol, I don't know if I've had any other recent updates, but have fun! XD

  15. YAY THE TAG!!

    Lol I can totally see Hansel wearing a kilt, mostly because he'd be so good-natured about it. :) Poor Hansel though, with no access to books. :( *gives him a library*

    AHHHH Seven Huntresses was sooo good!

    Goldi, yes Goldi would definitely do that. *glances around* Yikes.

    Loved reading about your characters! I can't wait to read Blue Like Sapphires, because I need to meet these people.

    1. I knowwwww. He's just such a good-natured person in general. :') And oh my goodness, I would LOVE to give my boy a library!!

      EEEEEEP I'm still excited you enjoyed it!

      Indeed. *imagines lil Goldi as a ghost* XD

      Thanks, girl! I can't wait for you to read it!!! Writing it has been SO fun so far. :D

  16. BTW I stole this tag and finally got around to posting it!

    1. EEP, you stole it and did it!!! YAY! I love your post. :D


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