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UP NEXT ON THE GOOD OL' TBR // in which i have a book meltdown

Happy weekend, friends! I'm coming at you this fine February afternoon with a TBR post. I've been devouring "Most Anticipated 2019 Releases" posts from many various nooks and crannies of the blogosphere, but unlike the epic writers of those epic posts, the notion of adding a bunch of not-yet-published books to my TBR (the sheer number of Asian fantasies is SO intriguing...) before I can tackle some of the earlier-published books already on my TBR is a scary one.

"One step at a time," I say with a not-so-confident smile, as I unsuccessfully attempt to add The Boy Who Steals Houses, Finale, and Romanov to my TBR without anyone noticing.

Anyway, this post is actually going to be a tag called the Book Meltdown Tag. Lilian, the creator, tagged me; thanks, Lilian! <3 It's the perfect tool for highlighting books that are on the top - or towards the top - of the dreaded TBR... without getting too carried away. Maybe.


- Credit and link to the creator of the tag (Lilian @ green tea with books)

- Include the rules.
- The BEST part: choose at least 8 books that you can’t wait to get your hands in the very nearish future!
- Tag at least 3 people to do this on any social media platform you choose.
- Let the 3 know!
- Optional: You can use my featured post image if you’d like.

For the convenience of those I've tagged (see end of post), here is a smol version of Lilian's abovementioned featured image, which you can copy into your post and enlarge if you want to use it:

Now, onto eight books privileged enough to teeter at the tippy top of my TBR tower!

1. Tigerheart by Peter David


This is an interesting one to start with because I know nothing about it. I haven't seen anyone I know recommend it, and I'm not even sure how I heard about it in the first place (except that I'm drawn to Peter Pan retellings lol). But the reason I know nothing about it is because I want to know nothing about it. I'm actively avoiding reading the Goodreads summary or the blurb on the inside flap. There's just something so thrilling and adventurous about entering a book with few - if any - specific expectations. xD

I could write a whole post about it, but suffice it to say that entering books as blindly as possible is something I've been trying to do a lot lately. It could just be a phase, but whatever the case, I'm enjoying it.

So yeah, I'm excited for Tigerheart. <3

Be aware that I don't know much about the other books in this post either. Of course, I still have legitimate reasons for having put each of them SO HIGH UP on my TBR, so do read on. If you please. ^_^

2. By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson


I've been DYING to read a Jill Williamson book for who knows how long, and it's my own fault that I haven't yet. Her Blood of Kings trilogy sounds right up my alley - a Christian epic fantasy??? YES PLEASE - so I've decided to bump it up as the next fantasy series I'm going to read. (I don't think I've mentioned this, but I'm not a mood reader. I like to order my immediate TBR very specifically, and right now I have it so I'm only [kind of] working on two series at a time - one fantasy series and one SF/futuristic/action series. And I throw a bunch of stand-alones into the mix too, of course. xD)

Jill Williamson has been a big writing inspiration to me through the Go Teen Writers blog and the GTW book on writing, so that's largely why I'm so desperate to pick up some of her fiction.

3. Never Say Die by Anthony Horowitz


Let's not talk about the unappealing cover. Instead, let's talk about how this is the 11TH BOOK IN THE ALEX RIDER SERIES AND I'M NOT OKAY. I just started reading Russian Roulette, but after that it'll just be this book left. I think the author's working on another one, but for now... this is it.

I'm not exactly sure, and I'm too lazy to go dig out my old journal to make sure, but I think I've been dedicated to this series since summer of 2017. That's a long commitment, folks. It's been a wild ride since Stormbreaker. :')

4. Illusionarium by Heather Dixon


I read Entwined by this author several months ago and ADORED it. There's not much else to say except I'm itching to get my hands on another novel by her and see what other adventures she's managed to cook up.

Also, I think this is steampunk? After devouring the amazing Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld last year, I need more steampunk in my life.

5. Resistance by Jennifer A. Nielsen


This is another one that I want to read because it's by a favorite author. It's no secret that I love Nielsen's Ascendance Trilogy with all my heart, and her other historical fiction A Night Divided was really good as well. I'm excited to see what Resistance is like!

More exciting Jennifer A. Nielsen info:

The Traitor's Game is another of her amazing fantasies, and its sequel The Deceiver's Heart comes out THIS MONTH, so I'm freaking out. Naturally. :P

AND, if that weren't enough for you...

She's releasing yet another historical fiction this fall (so basically in a billion years) called Words on Fire. The cover is beautiful, and what can I say except it sounds SO GOOD?

Yeesh. Whenever I try to talk about books, my vocabulary always feels limited to "so good" and "amazing" and that's all.

6. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


Give. Me. All. The. Circus.

I'm dipping my toes (or should I say quill, haha) in circus fantasy writing-wise, and I'm desperate to read more in the subgenre too. I NEED to get my hands on the Five Poisoned Apples anthology so I can read Falling Snow, but a certain novel or two is calling as well - namely, The Night Circus.

*whispers* The circus aesthetic, though. <333

7. Unwind by Neal Shusterman


That is... a TERRIFYING cover. *shivers* I'm really excited for this series, though. My brother has been trying to get me to read it for a long time, and soon after I read Never Say Die I'll finally pick it up! It's my next futuristic series from the good ol' TBR.

8. Gossamer by Lois Lowry


I bumped this up so astonishingly high on my TBR the other day almost on a whim. But not quite.

1) Messenger and Son by this author (the last two books in The Giver Quartet) broke my heart into a million pieces with their incredibleness, so of course I want more.

2) I saw someone recommend it for fans of A Monster Calls, and A Monster Calls is sad and tear-inducing and overall QUITE brutal, so... I'm here for this. It all makes sense.


And that, my friends, is the end of the Book Meltdown Tag!

I TAG...


- The Archived by Victoria Schwab
- Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys
- To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

So many books.

So little time.

The Lord's Truly,
Are any of these books on your TBR? Which ones have you read? What are some top books on your monstrous TBR? Talk to me! :D


  1. Yesssssssssssss to so many of these!! I didn't know Heather Dixon had written other books but I AM HERE FOR THIS. Now my TBR is getting bigger and bigger... :P Great post!

    1. I don't know if she has any other than Entwined and Illusionarium, but YES, I wonder if Illusionarium is any good! :D

      Thank you, Melissa!

  2. ooohh I have the paperback for Gossamer and still need to read it. Also, I just bought all three of Jill's Blood of Kings trilogy. I read the first book and it's one of my favorite Christian fantasy books! And I'm very picky with what fantasy I like. So it's good ;)

    1. I can't wait to read Gossamer!! And oooooh, that makes me REALLY hopeful that I'll like Blood of Kings! :D

  3. Wowie....I can see my TBR growing like crazy after seeing this list. I definitely want to get my hands on Jill Williamson, Jennifer Nielson and Heather Dixon's works...really soon...

    Awesome post, Lila!


    1. Lol. ;D I can't wait to read Jill Williamson and more of Nielsen and Dixon really soon myself... XD

      Thank you, Catherine!

  4. Thanks for tagging me! I highly recommend The Night Circus, it's gorgeous. I also loved Illusionarium. I hope you enjoy Falling Snow if you ever get your hands on it. :D

    1. You're welcome! I'm SO curious as to whether I'll like The Night Circus or not!

      I realllllly hope I can get my hands on Falling Snow sooner rather than later! :D

  5. I can't wait for Romanov!!!!

    And actually, I read By Darkness Hid a year or two ago and remember enjoying it...though I can barely remember anything about it now, lol

    1. Me neither!!! I REALLY need to read Fawkes and the Out of Time series... Yep, I haven't even read anything by Nadine Brandes yet. It's just so easy to get caught up in all the hype... XD

      Ahhh, the struggle of having read a book a while ago and not remembering a lot of what happens. I feel ya. :P

  6. YEEEEEES I'M SO EXCITED TO DO THIS!!! Thanks for tagging me!!


    1. I'M EXCITED TO SEE YOUR POST!!! You're welcome, Lia!

  7. Ooh all these books are amazing! I read Unwind last year--it was chilling, but so thought-provoking.
    I keep seeing The Night Circus everywhere and really need to get around to reading it!
    EEKS! The Ascendence Trilogy! I'm almost done with book two and am obsessed. SO GOOD.

    1. I can't WAIT to read Unwind! It definitely sounds like a chilling book.

      My thoughts exactly!

      THE ASCENDANCE TRILOGY IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SERIES EEEEEEEE!!!!! Isn't it amazing??? And book 2 is my fave of the trilogy! *squeals*


    I think all of these books are on my TBR? Except for Alex Rider. I've never really done anything with that series and I /think/ you're the only person I know who ever talks about it? But maybe I'll have to get into it xD

    The books on top of my TBR are the ones I own that I haven't gotten to yet--I need to read "Mark of the Raven" and "Sky in the Deep" before too long, and I'd also REALLY REALLY REALLY like to reread Traitor's Game *cackles in your general direction* and Dark Sea of Darkness *also cackles in your general direction* this month. I'll be travelling quite a bit, so having some Kindle books to keep me busy on the road will be nice ;)

    Love this post!


      If you like James Bond - or spy action in general - you've gotta read Alex Rider. XD

      I keep seeing Mark of the Raven... may have to look into that. :) And I kinda want to read Sky in the Deep too!

      Lol, hang tight, I'm hoping to get that in from the library tomorrow! *fingers crossed* Hopefully...

      WINGFEATHER SAGA. *screams*

      Ooooh, cool, I hope you get lots of reading in while on the road. :D

  9. OH. MY. SOUL. Never Say Die is SOOO GOOD, MAN. I fangirled the entire time (also, Nightshade, the next one, suppousedly comes out this year or next, but they've delayed the release date two times already so I'm not sure I trust it...). And YAAS, Jennifer Nielsen! I haven't read any of her books other than the Ascendance Trilogy, but it was completely epic and sad and all that stuff so I can't wait to see what her historical fiction is like. So many good books on this list!

    1. I CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT!!! And oooh, Nightshade is its title?? COOL. I'm excited for it. :D

      I can't wait to try out her historic fic too!! The Ascendance Trilogy was AMAZING. <3

    2. Wait, scratch that, I did read A Night Divided. So what I mean is I can't wait to try out MORE of her historic fic! XD

  10. ahhh how did I miss this post? Oh my goodness, THESE BOOKS. I don't think I've read any from the authors you mentioned... which I believe I must fix. Jill Williamson is high on my TBR author list and has been for awhile, though, so... coolio. XD

    Great post, Lila!

    1. I can't WAIT to read her Blood of Kings trilogy!! I'm so excited for all of these! YOU REALLY MUST READ JENNIFER A. NIELSEN. She's the queen. XD

      Thank you, Lilian! And thanks again for tagging me!


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