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#AMCURRENTLY // january 2019

Welcome to the second installment of my #AmCurrently monthly wrap-up series! It's crazy to think that January will be over in just a few days.

Soon February will be upon us, with all its romantic pinkness. O_o
This month I've been working on improving my quality of day-to-day life by trying to get enough sleep at night. It's hard to turn out the lights, especially if it's late and I've been so busy all day that I haven't had a chance to read in my book or do much of ANYTHING except work on school and maybe go for a freezing-cold walk. (*shivers*) Oh, and procrastinate. There's always time to procastinate. -_- If there's one thing I hate, it's not being able to make at least a little bit of progress on my current read every day.

But what I've realized is that energy is one of the most important things for productivity. Sleep depravity = fatigue during the day = less energy to get things done in a timely manner. Staying up late may mean I get in a few extra minutes of reading or journaling. BUT, when I look at the big picture and factor in all the minutes of tiredly fighting to finish what I have to do (instead of energetically knocking it off the to-do list), staying up later than even 10:00 PM might actually take away from the overall progress I'm making on my hobbies.

It's not easy to make myself do it - I keep compromising - but yeah... I'm fighting to get more sleep. :)

It didn't take me long to read Lost Girl by Chanda Hahn. I'm still so so excited that a CLEAN Young Adult Peter Pan retelling has finally been discovered. 4 out of 5 stars for this gem! <3

Now I'm reading The Warden and the Wolf King by Andrew Peterson, the final book in the Wingfeather Saga. Yes, yes, I know - my heart probably has no idea of the pain that's coming for it. XD

Almost on a whim, I started reading The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan the other day as well. Re-reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians feels sooooo beautifully nostalgic, you wouldn't BELIEVE. <333 Even if I'm only one chapter in so far.


Squeezing writing into my busy schedule is proving even harder than squeezing in fun-reading. The exciting news is, I think I've found a way to fit in both editing Dusted Red and writing Blue Like Sapphires ON THE SAME DAY, no intimidation required. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? :D

Here's what I'm trying to do (emphasis on "trying," lol): 15-minute writing sprint of Blue Like Sapphires; 15-minute Dusted Red editing session. When I first tried this the other day, it worked SUPER well. Committing myself to relatively short but ultra-focused writing sessions helps a lot, I think. And since it adds up to only 30 minutes of work, it doesn't intimidate me. Instead, it motivates me. Not to mention that what I'm able to accomplish in a 30-minute, focused, daily session (which is quite a bit) is going to add up fast!

Also, I updated the previously-named "My WIP" page in the bar at the top of the blog to "My Writings" and added a few aesthetics and tiny blurb thingies here and there. Just in case you were interested in taking a peek.

~tiny snippet~

"My heart was settled right here, and oh how my heart hated to be disturbed."
Blue Like Sapphires by Lila Kims

I'm currently into relaxing, soothing music without words - and sometimes with nature sounds - from YouTube. My favorite is this one:

And I more recently found this one, also amazing:

YouTube has SO many of these types of relaxing videos that it's almost stressful. XD
An interesting thought the other day kind of took me aback. It was one of those "I know this, but do I really know it??" moments.

I'm very aware of the phrase "fight the good fight," but when I'm troubled or in difficulty, it's SO easy for me to become discouraged and heavy in heart. To hate the fact that life has to be hard.

Here's the thing, though. The very word "fight" implies an effort, a struggle, tears and sweat and pain. (And also a thrill.) I think I'm learning what "fight the good fight" means in a new and deeper way. 

I need to fight the good fight in my heart.


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He talks a lot about the Grisha Trilogy, but I haven't read that series (or anything by Bardugo) and I still think this video is PRICELESS.


January has been exciting because I keep getting ideas for a bunch of ways to do things differently but BETTER. Actually turning those ideas into reality is challenging and sometimes stressful and I couldn't be further from a pro - at anything, really. (I mean, here I am talking about trying to go to bed at 10 and it's later than 10 as I write this...) But it's also fun and purposeful.

There's a thrill to the fight.

The Lord's Truly,

How has January been treating you? Let's chat in the comments! Timothy 6:12 - "Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses."


  1. AHHHH I LOVE THIS WRITERLY LIFERLY READERLY POST!! I should actually do one of these on my blog. xD I'm so glad you found a way of writing that would fit in your busy schedule! I relate to all the busyness.

    OH MY WORD you're reading The Wingfeather Saga!!! I love that series to death. *muffled whimper*

    Lilian |

    1. EEEEEEEEEEE I'M SO HAPPY YOU LIKED IT!! And they're really fun to write! :D

      Thanks! <3 I'm honestly SO glad too! (#excited) And ikr, the busyness is real. :P

      YES!!!!! *flails* And I love it so muuuuuuch. MY HEART. <333

  2. Love this update! And I'm so going to have to check out that peter pan book ;D

    and I totally get that "I know this, but do I really know it??". I really love what you learned - it's something I'll have to ponder over a bit more ;)

    1. Thanks, Keturah!! Do check out the Peter Pan book. ;)

      Ahhhhh yes, I frequently have those moments. I think it might be one of God's ways of saying, "Let's go deeper into this"? It's so cool. <3

  3. My January has been really crazy honestly -- I'm so ready for a new month! But God has been good in it all and it's encouraging to see other's posts about their month. <3

    1. You're certainly not the only one who's had a crazy January! But yes, God is so, so good. His love and faithfulness blow me away! <3

  4. I have Lost Girl, I haven't read it yet. Glad it's clean.

    1. It's really good!! And YES, I'm so happy it's clean. 😂

  5. WARDEN! Oh my goodness, that book <3

    I'm dying of school, and the last week has been really rough on my emotion and mental health. But hopefully my coming week is going to be better <3



      Girl, you're not the only one who feels like she may be dying of school. :P I'm having a stressful week myself, unfortunately. I'll pray that God will give you strength for all that's on your plate. <3

      :D :D :D

  6. Sleep is so hard, good luck on getting more! <3
    And that snippet!!!!!! *heart eyes* Wowww.

    1. It is. :P Thanks, Gray! <3

      EEEEEEEP!!! So glad you like it!! I knew I wanted to share that sentence as soon as I wrote it... :D

  7. TWatWK broke my heart and it was BEAUTIFUL and seriously, that book was good. GOOOOOOODDDD

    I love doing shorter 15 minutes sprints. :) So much fun! Doing a bunch of those really helped train me to sit down and focus and not get distracted by phones and internet.

    I've always loved that Bible verse, honestly. Fighting against sin is a REAL battle.

    1. OH GOODNESS GRACIOUS YES. So much beautifulness, I can hardly handle it. :'D I'm getting close to the ennnnnnd. *freaks out*

      They've been so much fun for me so far too! YES, they are soooo helpful for concentration. :)))

      AMEN. Thank God He fights with us and FOR us every step of the way. <333


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