Monday, May 14, 2018

8 Popular Classics I Still Haven't Read (but want to!)

I don't know if anybody noticed, but I missed posting last week.

Life has been rather crazy for me lately, though, so I think the teensy break was good for me. Now I'm back with more bookish ramblings, if that's okay with you. xD

Today I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the classic books weighing down my TBR. Such dense bundles of words can be intimidating sometimes, but I still want to read them. It's just that I don't know when I'll ever get around to it!

You wouldn't believe how little effort it was to put together a list of eight popular classics I STILL haven't read... but want to! There are quite a few, apparently. :P

Also, at the end of the post, I have a little vote thingie for you guys, so that'll be heaps of fun too! Let's get into it, shall we?

1. Persuasion by Jane Austen


I've read and enjoyed several Jane Austen novels (namely Pride & Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, and Emma), but there are at least two more that I fully plan on picking up at some point: Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility. When I asked my mom which one I should read first - because I often need help with important decisions like this - she pondered for a moment and then said Persuasion.

I haven't even read the synopsis yet, so I have no idea what it's about, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. xD

2. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens


Some of you have already gotten onto me for being too afraid to pick up A Tale of Two Cities. xD Rest assured that I am no longer afraid, it's just that I don't know where to wedge this intimidating tome onto my TBR pile. Hopefully, I'll get around to it soon. Ish. Maybe.

I'm excited for it because it's set around/during the time of the French Revolution, including the Reign of Terror (I think). That was a terrible time, obviously, but I'm looking forward to reading another book set in this time period because one of my favorite classics of all time, The Scarlet Pimpernel by Emmuska Orczy, is also set during the time of "Madame Guillotine."

3. The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux


The whole concept of this story has always intrigued me, and I would love to sometime pick up the original novel. I've seen a cartoon twist or two (Scooby Doo? I can't remember. xD) but dude, I need the REAL DEAL.

4. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee


I have heard many a good thing about this book. :D I think I'm going to have to read it for school pretty soon - before you gasp, just know that I had to read The Scarlet Pimpernel for school too and it still became a favorite! - so I'm looking forward to delving into Scout's story. The fact that I got it for Christmas only adds to my excitement. Just sitting on my shelf, waiting for me...

I want to read about Scout dressing up as a ham. (Yes, that's literally the only thing I know about this book. So what?? xD)

5. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie


My mom grew up reading Agatha Christie, and she's told me multiple times in the past that I should read some of her books too. I confess that I never truly got interested until the trailer for the Murder on the Orient Express movie came out. Shameful, I know. xD

I'm not a huge fan of mysteries, but maaaaaan, I'm looking forward to reading this! (Any other books of hers that you would especially recommend?)

6. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte


You may want to sit down for this. You see, Jane Eyre is currently... technically... a DNF of mine??

*ducks the flying tomatoes* xD

I started it as an audiobook, but lost interest after Jane arrived at Mr. Rochester's place. She hadn't even met Mr. Rochester yet. ;P (If I'm even remembering that correctly - my audiobook attempt was quite a while ago.)

Before you explode in your righteous anger, know this: I do intend to pick it up again! Eventually. I just don't think the audiobook was the right choice. I need to hold a gloriously musty-smelling print copy in my hands and soak in the words for myself. You know, with my EYEBALLS.

Yes, that's what I need.

7. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo


I'm one of those people who doesn't pronounce this book's title the way it should be pronounced. I pronounce it like "less miz-rob-less." Go ahead and laugh. I mean... I'm laughing too. xD

The other day, in fact, a friend of mine said something about watching the Les Miserables movie, and for a second I didn't know what she was talking about because she was pronouncing it, you know, the right way.

I take Spanish, all right? Not French.

Image result for comprendes? gif

8. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


I actually have a (sort of) set-in-stone time that I plan to read this: Christmas! I've had this book in my possession, on my shelf, for YEARS, so I'd say it's about time I picked it up. And since I've read an abridged version and so am already pretty familiar with the basic story, it'll be all the more exciting to read the original!

Also, did you know that a new Little Women movie, set in modern day, is coming out?? It looks like it could be really good! Check out the trailer:


Here's where you guys come in! You see, I have determined that I'm going to shove aside some books from my more immediate TBR to make room for one of these classics. And how am I going to choose, you ask? Well, I want you to help me choose! Pick the book from the list above that you want me to read first (except Little Women and To Kill a Mockingbird) and include your vote when you comment below. "I vote for _______." << That sort of thing. xD Whichever book ends up with the most votes wins!

For your convenience, here is a list of your six vote options:

- Persuasion by Jane Austen
- A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
- The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux
- Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
- Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
- Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (Edit: Actually, forget about this one. A very considerate friend just reminded me in the comments of how FREAKISHLY LONG this book is [how did I forget??]. And I ain't ready for that kind of commitment. Maybe after college, idk. xD)

Only participate if you want to, of course! No pressure. And you don't have to have read any of the books to vote. There are absolutely no silly rules like that. :P

I don't know, I just thought this might be kind of fun (and helpful for indecisive me, lol!).

Let's chat!
Have you read any of the books on this list? (You probably have xD)
What are some of the classics on your TBR?
What is your favorite classic book of all time?

Can't wait to see your votes!

The Lord's truly,


  1. AHH, Agatha Christie! I LOVE her books so much (I have a whole bookshelf nearly full of all her stories :)). "Murder on the Orient Express" is one of her best Hercule Poirot stories (after you read it, you have to watch the new movie! it was really good!) I also recommend "And Then There Were None", "Murder on the Nile", and "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" (which has the best twist of all time). So, I vote for "Murder on the Orient Express" :))

    I had no idea a new Little Women movie was coming out! It looks really good! :) I've read the majority of the books on your list, except Les Miserables, Persuasion, and the Phantom of the Opera (which is on my classics list :)). Currently, I want to reread all the Scarlet Pimpernel books (gahh, I love them so much), Little Women, and finish Wuthering Heights.

    My favorite classic book of all time.....I can't pick. :))) I love "Pride and Prejudice", all Agatha Christie books, all Sherlock Holmes stories, and the Scarlet Pimpernel books.

    whoops, sorry for a monster comment, but I love talking about classics :))

    1. That's so cool!! And aaaahhh, I'm looking forward to the movie once I read the book. :D Thank you for those recs, Allison - I'd heard of And Then There Were None but not any of the others. They sound good! :)

      *jots note* All-righty, that's one for Orient Express. Thank you, Allison!

      Doesn't it?? It looks interesting, for sure! And WHAT IN THE WORLD, how did I not know about more Scarlet Pimpernel books?! I NEED TO READ THOSE.

      Oooh, Sherlock Holmes has some good stories! And P&P is really good - I liked that one. :D

      Hey, no problem, I love monster comments! Classics are so fun to chat about. ^_^

    2. Oh my word, YES, the Scarlet Pimpernel sequels are actually, in my opinion, BETTER than the original story! and that usually never happens o_o. The direct sequel is "The Elusive Pimpernel" (i think?? it's been awhile, lol), and then there's "Lord Tony's Wife", "I Will Repay", "Eldorado", "The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel", etc... :))

  2. I vote for Jane Eyre.

    It's a top favorite of mine!!!!

    1. Aaaaahhhh, I'm looking forward to picking it up! Again. xP

      Thanks for your vote, hehe. :D :D

  3. Two Cities!!!!!

    Eee, I actually really like classics. Les Miserables-- the thing is NO JOKE. I would never say this about any other book, but I might suggest you get an abridged version of that one XD There's just SO MUCH EXCESS in the brick.

    I adore Scarlet Pimpernel (I've only read the first one, but ya know.) And the new Murder on the Orient Express movie was so good! I haven't read the book yet, but I'm planning to.)

    This summer I'm planning to read Gone with the Wind. Intimidating brick-like classics? BRING IT ON. *weeps internally*

    And also, I noticed that you didn't post last week! And I missed you! :P Glad the break was good, though. ^_^

    1. That's one for Two Cities! :D

      There are definitely a lot of amazing classics! And OH MY GOODNESS, HOW DID I FORGET HOW LONG THAT IS??? Thank you SO much for reminding me... I can't believe I forgot! *shakes head* I ain't ready for this commitment, hon. *edits post to cross out Les Mis from vote options*

      Maybe when I'm past college, lol. xD

      You know, I started reading Gone With the Wind at one point and decided I actually wasn't ready for that kind of commitment either. Lol, yes, it's a lengthy one. Since you want to bring it on, though, I'll cheer you on! GO, FAITH, YOU GOT THIS. :D

      Awww, thanks, you're the sweetest! <3

  4. Phantom of the Opera was an interesting book for me. Have you seen/listened to the musical?


    1. It so intrigues me! And no, I haven't seen or listened to the musical. At least... not in its entirety. I may have seen bits and pieces of it, but I can't remember. :D

  5. I vote for:
    - A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, (it is my favorite Charles Dickens novel.)
    - Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, (so good. I also recommend The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Death on the Nile, and Appointment with Death. Just don't read DotN before MotOE, because there are spoilers.)
    - Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, (Well, I can't stand the musical, but this is one of my Dad's favorite books. And he is really picky. My mom says I have to read it...)

    Why, you may ask didn't I suggest the others? Well, Persuasion is the only Jane Austen I haven't read. I haven't read PotO. And, some people love Jane Eyre, and some people don't. I can probably be further along on the list.

    I am glad I have been so helpful. *bows* (mwahaha).

    1. Whoops. It took me so long to write this comment I didn't see you had crossed out Les Miserables. Sorry about that...

    2. Ooooh, nice votes!! (No worries about not seeing my edit - that's no problem at all!) And thanks for the heads-up about those Christie mysteries. They sound so intriguing! :D

      I see. *nods in understanding* Well, you have been helpful, haha! I always love your comments, Clare. <3

  6. PERSUASION OMIGOSH OMIGOSH!!!!! That's my favorite romance ever and I'm desperately trying to find a pretty copy to put on my shelf and re-read throughout eternity. XD XD My vote goes there! 😁

    I loved the beginning of Jane Eyre, but UGH I hated Mr. Rochester. I slugged through the middle and put it down multiple times. Who knew one character could be sooooo annoying?? XD The last part I flew through though. It was totally charming! The whole book is full of such little bits of prose where you can sense the author speaking, and not Jane, which I adored and just asdfghjkl that book. ❤️❤️

    My brother read A Tale of Two Cities and loved it, but I have no clue. My bro is a bit of a classics professor tho. XD I haven't read To Kill a Mockingbird, Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, Murder on the Orient Express, or Little Women yet either (wow I feel so behind XD). BUT I WANNA!! I have to tackle LotR next and then it's on to David Copperfield and other Dickens books. *faints*

    I really enjoyed this post! It's so relatable! 😂

    1. WHOA! Okay, now I really can't wait to read Persuasion!! Thanks for your vote, Nicole! :D

      Oooh, interesting opinion on Mr. Rochester... and the book in general! I wonder what I'll think, when I get around to reading it. :D

      Lol, that's cool your brother is so into classics! And we should start a club or something, because I FEEL SO BEHIND TOO. xD xD

      LORD OF THE RINGS IS SO GOOD!!! <3 <3 <3

      Thanks, Nicole! I'm so glad you enjoyed!

  7. I vote for The Phantom of the Opera.

    But seriously you need to read ALL of these ASAP!!!

    1. I knew you were going to vote for that one. :D

      I THINK YOU'RE RIGHT!!! So many classic books, so little time!

  8. I have seen a movie version of Jane Eyre (with Mia Wasikowska as Jane.) but never read the book...I want to though. (Though it is a very sad story.)

    as for books i have read, I have read a abridged version of The Tale of Two Cities.
    (And I really really want to read the full version.)

    Just so you know you are not alone,

    1. P.S. I vote for The Tale of Two Cities

    2. I have seen most of one Jane Eyre movie - I don't know if it was the one you were referring too, because it was such a long time ago!! :D

      Thanks for your vote, Quinley!

  9. JANE EYRE. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. PERSUASION. LITTLE WOMEN. O.O These are all some of my absolute favoritessss!! You must read them and tell me what you think!! I vote you should go with J.E. first; it's such an amazing read and personally always makes me feel so joyful. :)) Happy reading, fren.

    1. Aaaaahhhh, I can't wait to read them!!!

      That's another for Jane Eyre! Thank you so much, Olivia. <3

  10. I haven't read so many of these either, whoops. xD Because I love Jane Austen (I found a 1927 copy of Sense and Sensibility the other day, by the way!!!) my vote is for Persuasion! :D

    1. THAT'S SO COOL!! 1927... Wow. xD

      Hehe, thanks for your vote, Melissa!

  11. I'm currently reading Little Women—it's pretty good! I need to read To Kill a Mockingbird. XD

    1. That's cool - it's awesome that you're liking it! I need to read them both, eeeeeeeek! xD

  12. Oh my golly goodness, there is a modern movie version of Little Women coming out?? Cool!

    Persuasion is one of my very favorite Jane Austen books, especially since it's one of those second chance stories. And Little Women (as well as Little Men and Jo's Boys) is one of my all time favorites. I'd start with one of those if you are looking for a lighter classic. Dark - Tale of Two Cities or Jane Eyre.

    Awesome post, Lila!

    1. YES. Doesn't it look like it has the potential to be good??!!

      Oooh, second chances? Interesting. XD I so want to read it!!

      I'm looking for both dark and light classics, lol. GIMME 'EM ALL!! :D Two Cities definitely looks darker. And I've already experienced some of how dark Jane Eyre is. Little Women sounds like a gem. <3

      Thank you, Catherine!!


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