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The previous parts of this edition of Julian's 5-Part Special have been soooo much fun, but I have to say that I've been anticipating this particular post most eagerly of them all (and next week's finale too, eep!), because I have quite a few side characters whom I love very, very much. <3 I'm so glad that I finally get to talk about them a little more. But, before we jump into the questions, here are the links to the past three parts!

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THE 5-PART WRITING SPECIAL // part 3 (the main character of Dusted Red)

~Introduce your side characters, explain what makes them unique, and perhaps include their relationship to the MC.~

- Hansel is a quiet, wary, withdrawn boy of around sixteen, and he has a leather satchel a lot like Flynn Rider's. One thing that I believe makes him unique is that he won't let Delmy take her risks on her own, but it's NOT because "Oh, she's a girl and needs my protection, yada yada." The stubbornness actually has little to do with anyone but himself.

- Gretel is Hansel's sister (duh) who doesn't like Delmy at all. She always has a spicy retort at the ready, or a criticism, or a contemptuous raised eyebrow. <<< She's a master at eyebrow-raising, unlike me. :(

- Goldi is an eccentric little girl of about eight whom Hansel, Gretel, and Delmy meet in Fawood. She's also mute, so trying to have a conversation with her is an adventure. Not many book characters are mute - at least not in my reading experience - so that's unique??

- Peter Pan is charming, playful, and on the goofy side, with a dark past that I keep secret for most of the novel. He also loves to help people, and he's unique because he's not in a smutty retelling.

- Tink is the voice of reason, kind but realistic. She's also a creative - an inventor who hides out in Neverland's hollow trees making magic dust with her fellow fairies.

- Tiger Lily is a warrior. Her voice is soft and her accent exotic, and her beloved weapon is a spear. She likes to hunt, and she gets jealous easily. ;) Not very often, though, considering how infrequently Peter brings visitors to his island.

- Slightly is an eleven-year-old boy. Technically. Kind of. *shrugs* Age is weird after you take the youth dust. He loves to talk, and he looks up to Peter as a father figure.


I guess I have a lot of side characters...? Giving each of them enough page time for the reader to get to know them enough, for them to be complex enough, is a challenge. :P

And by the way, I won't answer the remaining questions for ALL of them, because I don't want to bore anyone with a monster post. So, no worries! xD

~Provide snippets from your WIP for each side character (can include the villain).~

- GRAM -

Gram snorted - a very unladylike sound that made my grin widen. “I’m a widowed old lady with barely any company, save a strangely indifferent granddaughter and a book of Peter Pan stories. I have little to occupy my mind with, Delmy.”


Hansel licked his lips and re-clasped his satchel as we walked, but he didn't stop to did so. Since he couldn't see where he was going, he didn't notice the tree until he smacked into it.

"Ow," he muttered.

- TINK -

She looked like any other human girl, save for the insect-like, translucent wings protruding from her back, and the barely perceptible glow surrounding her entire body, like some sort of ectoplasm.

blur, bokeh, bright


"But I hated getting beat up, so I taught myself to think long and hard about being naughty, then do it anyway, but do it smart and careful-like." He smiled triumphantly. "I got away with it more often."


"Leaving?" Tiger Lily repeated, in a soft, indecipherable voice. Her hair was partially pulled back, as if to keep half of it flowing down around her shoulders. Her eyes, dark and glinting, seemed to glow in the moonlight. "Why do you leave?"

~Which of your side characters is closest to the MC?~

Ooooooh, that's hard. Technically, Gretel is closest to Delmy because she's with her the longest of them all. I think so, at least.

But she's not closest to her as in friend, so perhaps Hansel?? After all, he and Delmy told each other their main goals in life one night.

Or maybe Slightly, seeing as he's really friendly and open about his past, and he and Delmy end up bonding.


~How do the good guys work together as a team?~

Delmy: I've got an idea. You guys should stay here cuz this is gonna be dangerous. *explains plan*

Hansel: Delmy, that is madness.


Delmy: Whatever. Just stay here. *runs off*

Hansel: Wait! No! Let's... ugh. Gretel, stay here. I can't let her do it alone. *hurries after Delmy*

Gretel: BROTHER, YOU'RE AN IDIOT TOO. *whispers* But I can't leave you. *hurries after them both*

~How do they clash with each other?~

Delmy: Go find your home. Stop following me around. I would hate to get you killed along with me.

Gretel: Yeah, Hansel, let's go.

Hansel: Nope. I don't want to.

Delmy: *groans* Whhhyyyyy???

Hansel: *crosses arms* It helps me to help you, okay? Just deal with it.

Delmy: *sighs* FINE. Just don't blame me when-

Hansel: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let me go first, will ya?

Gretel: *scowls*

Hansel, Delmy, and Gretel: Goldi, YOU are staying here.

Goldi: *shrugs* *stares up at sky and starts making weird noises*

^^^ Most of that is paraphrased and exaggerated, of course. They're actually straightforward summaries of two particular scenes. xD

~Describe your antagonist/villain in 3 words.~

The formwandlers in general:

shapeshifter // black-clad // smirk

adult, anger, angry
this isn't any of my antagonists in particular, just a dark villainish pic I liked xD

~Why is your villain bad?~

Shapeshifters in general: They're bad because they kidnap innocent people... for an evil purpose.

~Is the villain an “I work alone” sort of person, or the kind who has a ton of minions?~

A ton of minions.

~How does your villain walk and talk?~

Shapeshifters in general: They all talk the same - with arrogance, confidence, and often mockery. They walk in different ways, however, depending on which animal they shift to become. For example, the squirrel formwandler is a bit jumpy even in human form (and also very attractive). The bear formwandler is a big guy and lumbers when in his human form.

~What are the villain’s main mannerisms that define him/her?~

I don't really want to talk about my one-person villain, because he or she is a secret. The formwandlers do have main mannerisms, though - they have a tendency to smirk, and always find ways to poke fun at their victims in a not-so-nice way as they kidnap them. Sometimes, however, they'll reveal themselves to a victim and scare them out of their wits, but then leave them to tremble or even weep in fear in the lonely darkness of Fawood.

Let's wrap things up with a villain snippet, shall we? :)

"Hey, beautiful. Did you have a good night's rest?" the sitting one asked, and kicked his legs back and forth like a child. He was tall and had a finely chiseled jaw and sparkling eyes, features so attractive that I might have been drawn to him had he not been a formwandler. His brown hair was pulled into a ponytail at the nape of his neck.

The other man was more muscular, his skin was dark as chocolate, and he was bald. The grin on his face was huge and ominous.

I clenched my jaw. There was nothing to say that they wouldn't laugh at.

That's all the questions! Check out the blogs of the other participants above - I don't know about you, but I'm excited to hear about their supporting cast and villain(s) as well!

Next Friday will be the final part of the 5-Part Writing Special, and we have a grand finale planned, so stay tuned for that! Hint: It's going to be epic.

Which of my side characters (if any) intrigues you most?
What is your antagonist like? 
Let's talk about characters in the comment section!

~ Lila Kims


  1. AAAAHHH, I LOVE THEM!! I love learning about side characters because they're epic!!! I think I'm most interested in Peter Pan, but I love all of them! This book is going to be epic, Lila!!!

    ~Ivie| Ivie Writes

    1. Thank you, Ivie!!! I love side characters too - they are definition of epic for sure!

      Oooh, Peter Pan! I suppose I was rather vague about him in this post... *shrug* Sorry... I think. Mwahaha. xD


  2. Finally! I get to meet these characters that I've heard so much about!

    You made Goldi mute? Interesting...

    Gram and Hansel's snippets are THE BEST. And I love how you answered the team/clashing questions.

    I SO can't wait for your aesthetics post!!


    1. Yes, you do! YAY!!!

      Yep, can't speak a word. I'm glad you find her interesting!

      Heehee, you liked those? :D And thanks so much - I had fun writing them!

      ME NEITHER! And I mean yours and everyone else's!! It's going to be awesome! <3

  3. I LOVED Gram's quote! It.Was.Awesome. I thought your first draft was good, but if this is any indication, when you are done, this book is going to be fantastic! I'm quite excited to read the final product!

    1. THANKS, PENNY!! Your words mean a lot to me! I think this draft is MUCH better than the first one, so that just makes me even more excited for you to read it someday! :D :D

  4. Good looking villains? Nice!!! (Why do the bad folks always have to be old and ugly??) But the formwandlers sounds really epic!!

    I have a mute character, actually, and he's been loads of fun (and annoyance, sometimes) to write. The communication barrier can be a pain to overcome, not just for the characters, but for the writer, who has to figure out how they all communicate...

    I love it when people just can't figure out how to get along, and then watch them get used to dealing with each other...(though I do enjoy well-oiled machine teams, too).

    1. You like that?? :D (I KNOW, why can't we have more cuties for bad guys? Come on now! ;)) And YAY, I'm so happy you like the sound of them, Julian!

      COOL! Mute characters definitely make communication interesting... Even if it's a challenge, it's kinda fun at the same time! :D

      Me too! I love both kinds of teams as well, but I always enjoy the conflict of a clashing team a lot better. More room for fun conflict, heehee. :D

  5. *stares up at sky and starts making weird noises* - 200% Nailed it!

    Wow, the shapeshifters...I just...*shivers* They sound so awesome, but in the right kind of way where you don't end up rooting for the villains.

    Can't wait to see your next post!

    1. YAY, THANK YOU! :) :) :)

      Goodness, Evan, I'm so ecstatic you think so!! I have so much with the shapeshifters, and I'm hoping they're unique in their evilness. *rubs hands together* xD

      Thanks, and I can't wait to see yours either! (I love your posts so much <3)

  6. AAAAAAAAAH I LOVE THIS!!!! This book sounds like the most epic thing ever!
    Peter Pan is one of my favorite book and character. And yes, I had so much trouble with smutty retellings.....

    Great post!

    1. AAAAAAH, LILAH!!! I'm smiling so big right now! :D :D

      I think Peter Pan may be my favorite thing ever! *nods* And UGH, why are there no clean YA Peter Pan retellings??? Drives me up the wall.

      Thanks so much, Lilah! <3


    Delmy and Hansel both sound like my kind of people, although I think Gretel would be me in a fantasy world. Like "no, we're going home. Stop it." XD And Goldi! Your characters--all so genius!

    1. HOLY COW, FAITH, THANK YOU!!!!! <3 <3

      I'm so glad you like the sound of them! And lol, Gretel is definitely like that.

      Again, THANKS SO MUCH!! :D

  8. I found the mute Goldi intriguing. She sounds really sweet and hugable!

    And your shapeshifters were really interesting. I liked how they had different characteristics in their human form based on what animal they take on. That's cool!

    This is an epic sounding book! I can't wait to hear more! And the finale is going to be AWESOME!!!!

    1. I'm so glad! And doesn't she, though?? She's really weird, but also adorable. <3

      YAY, I'm happy you find my shapeshifters cool!! That characteristic of theirs kind of just happened, and I seems to work, so... xD

      AAAAAAH, thanks so much!!! And I KNOW, RIGHT?? I can't wait to see everyone's finale!

  9. I love your characters! They sound hilarious and interesting.

    The formwandlers, what a cool concept!

    1. Thank you so much, Skye!!! I'm really hoping they're like that for real, lol!

  10. Peter Pan as a father figure? Scary. XD

    But on a serious note, they all sound AMAZING!

    1. Yes, it scares me too, to be honest. xD


  11. Slightly's snippet made me fall in love with him!!! Your villain is a secret? Intriguing! Yes, I love fairytales so much... and I think yours shall be no exception!

    1. Awww, it makes me happy to hear that!!

      Yes, mwahaha! A secret indeed. *steeples fingers together*


  12. Slightly sounds sweet! (and as Gray said, Peter Pan as a father figure??) And Tiger Lily - she sounds cool, which makes a nice change! (haven't read many Peter Pan retellings, but Tiger Lily is usually annoying.) Can't wait to read more (and to see this week's post)! :D
    - Jem Jones

    1. He is sweet! And yes, it's a bit twisted. xD

      I'm glad you think Tiger sounds cool - I'm hoping she will be! And yes, it's a cliché, isn't it? Tiger Lily the meanie.

      Me neither!! Can't wait for everyone's posts!!!


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