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Part 2 of Julian Daventry's Writing Special is here, everybody, and with ten excellent questions to answer about our story's world! Or... setting! *dismissive hand gesture* Whatever you wish to call it.

If you missed last week's post introducing Dusted Red, here is the link:

THE 5-PART WRITING SPECIAL // part 1 (Introducing the WIPs)

Onto today's questions!

~What would we immediately notice upon stepping into your storyworld? (What would stand out the most?)~

The moment you stepped into Fawood, you would notice how dark and quiet it is. Most forests are alive with... you know, forest sounds. Birds, squirrels, the occasional deer or chipmunk tramping by. It isn't necessarily loud, but certainly not deathly quiet.

Unless it's Fawood we're talking about. Upon entering, you would notice the lack of life. Witches weave black magic here, and shapeshifters make characters doubt the authenticity of any animal they come across.

~What place in this world (Earth) reminds you most of your world? (Or provide a picture that you think best defines your story world.)~

^^^^ This is the best picture of a dark forest I could find. At least... one that makes me think of Fawood. There's more to my world than just woods, of course, but like I've mentioned before, A LOT happens in the forest.

~Are there specific foods/dining habits particular to this world?~

Bread is pretty common. And I actually have a story to tell concerning that particular food group, so sit back and make yourself comfortable while I turn on my pleasant storytelling voice. *clears throat*

Once upon a time, a young writer who didn't like to world-build realized that the villagers in her WIP didn't grow wheat. They didn't have any way of obtaining the ingredients for bread, so where in the world did they get it from??

The more this incredibly inexperienced writer thought about it, the more she realized it was a problem. The fictitious villagers made meals like vegetable stew. Occasionally, you'd catch a villager with an apple in his hand. But none of the villages had farms or fields or anything of that sort, and the forest surrounding wasn't one to have fruit trees.

So the writer got an idea - one she DEARLY hoped made sense. She decided that she had better mention places beyond Fawood as well - it was a stupid excuse to say that Fawood was infinite. Beyond, there could be open plains and farmland, and stuff like fruits, vegetables, wheat, and many other resources could be imported. By... trade. Or something.

The end.

~Are there biases in your world, and how do they define the people? Is there a class structure and how would it affect the characters?~

There's supposed to be complete equality among all villagers. Though the mayors are the leaders, they're not supposed to act all high-and-mighty or indulge in any of the taxes the people must pay (to keep the villages in good condition, of course). Though they are in a higher position, they're villagers too, like everyone else.

Mayor Gerwin, the head of Lenhador (Delmy's village), is the perfect example of a good mayor. The mayor of the village next door... is not. But that guy doesn't come in until the sequel.

~What belief structures/worldviews do your characters hold? What are some philosophies of your story?~

Beliefs? This seems like a good place to talk about Peter Pan! *rubs hands together*

Peter Pan is a big legend. The villagers' belief in him is one of the few threads of hope holding them together amidst the increasing shapeshifter kidnappings. Many of the old stories tell of his heroic appearance at just the right moment, of his countless rescues of villagers long ago. He hasn't made any such appearance in decades, but the people still believe he's real, that he's alive. THEY ARE BELIEVERS.

And then there's the widespread belief that as long as you stay in your village and don't venture into the woods, you're safe. You're secure. As if a bubble of protection surrounds the villages and keeps shapeshifters away.

Delmy thinks that's stupid.

~Describe the general infrastructure (i.e., cities and what are those like?) What are the main locations in your story? (Bonus points: include a map.)~

The villages are collections of two-story homes scattered around a "hub" - the village square. Almost every square has a fountain in the center and is made up of the mayor's house and all the businesses - mainly shops. It's a super simple layout, which I think (read: hope) is okay.

Though generally speaking the villages are cookie-cutter, many of them have something unique that they're known for. For example, Kaynta is known for its large swimming hole and Pyll is known for its large orphanage (hence lots of unsupervised children running around). There's nothing remotely special about Delmy's village, though. Maybe I should change that...

~How is trade carried out through the story world, and how do the cities and nations interact with each other?~

Cities? Nations? Hahahaaaaa... my world does not have distinct nations, or cities. The villages are all their inhabitants know. Because the shapeshifters make traveling scary and rare, they aren't very educated on the farmland beyond except that... it's farmland. All the import stuff happens in the village right at the edge of Fawood, and since I got the idea for the "trade" between "lands" more recently than you may think, I haven't sketched the details in my head yet. If ANY of you have ANY ideas about that communication, I implore you... do comment. World-building is clearly not my strong point. xD

~Are there any special or unique traditions or ceremonies that your world is known for?~

Not really, no. But this question has given me an idea for a ceremony I could invent. Considering how frequent and tragic kidnappings are, it's only right to hold a kind of "funeral" for them, correct?? Except... uhhhh, I don't have that. I've never mentioned anything like that. O.O

I'm thinking a pyre of sorts could be involved, even though the actual body is unavailable. No one knows what the shapeshifters do to their captives, but the captives never come back. Which leads to the natural assumption that they end up dead.

~Are there any significant historical events which affected the way your story world is now?~

Unless I want to talk about Peter Pan's past heroism again and the way that's affected the people... then no. I got nothing.

~What do you love most about your world?~

Look, I know I've been talking about the villages and Fawood this whole post, but for this question, I just have to jar you with an answer concerning Neverland.

(Yes, I'm answering with a place, not a quality. GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?)

1) There are killer mermaids.

2) Neverland's biggest secret lies beneath the waters, and it's the coolest thing ever. Just saying.

PHEW. That was the last one. Those questions were hard, I tell you. But I can't wait to hear what you guys think in the comments (or if you have any ideas to help me further piece my world together... xD)

Now check out the blogs of the participants below and be swept up into their awesome story worlds! They probably have more complex settings than I do, sooooo... why are you still here??

What is your story's world like?

~ Lila Kims




    Okay, so I'm a shipper and shippers gotta ship. I may ship a couple of your characters already, but I'm worried I'm totally misreading into the book, so I won't say it yet. But just know there is a ship.

    I can picture your story world in my mind and I'M FREAKING OUT BECAUSE IT'S SO GOOD!!

    ~Ivie|Ivie Writes


      Oh my gosh! I should have been bracing myself for this (especially considering Jiper... xD), but I wasn't! Lol, you may be the first legit shipper. Which is crazy because you know next to nothing and yet... here you are. :D :D

      Yes, I am vague, MWAHAHAHA!! And that's why you may or may not be totally misreading into the book. Idk! *throws hands into air* xD

      IVIE, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Seriously, all your comments about Dusted Red make me smile soooo big! :D

  2. I NEED YOUR BOOK NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahhhh, Delmy sounds wonderful! So does Never Land! Like, the KILLER MERMAIDS? I LOVE IT SO MUCH. ALL THE HEART EYES.

    1. EEEEEEEP!! FAITH!!!!!! <3 <3

      Yessssss, killer mermaids!! I dearly hope you love Delmy, and Neverland, when you read it for me eventually! AAAAAH!! xD

  3. Ooh, I love all the cool worldbuilding! The dark forest is a really neat idea, just looking out the photo of it gave me the chills. And I really love how the whole shapeshifters in the forest worldbuilding directly influences the plot! Whenever aspects of the story world tie into the overall plot it makes things even more epic!:D

    1. Thanks so much, Emrys!! And oooh, yes, I love that photo too! Fawood is supposed to give one the chills, so that's good, lol. xD

      YES, they're very important!! I didn't even plan that, really, it just happened, but I'm SO GLAD. And I agree - that does enhance the epicness!! :D

  4. Where is this book?!?!?! I WANT KILKER MERMAIDS AND DARK FORESTS!!!!!!!!!

    I need this in my life, Lila. XD

    1. Uuuuuh, it's in the works... xD


      Eeeeeeeep, Gray, thank you!! <3 <3

  5. I like the twist with Peter Pan! That's so neat!

    Can't wait to meet your characters, Lila!


    P.S. Our dear mutual friend Melissa Gravitis is your contact person for world-building. Seriously, her world-building series is GAME-CHANGING. Half of my world-building is from her questions alone!

    1. Yay, I'm glad you think so, Catherine!!

      I can't wait for you to meet them either! <3 <3

      And oh my gosh, Melissa's questions ROCK. I don't think they really apply for this world, but I am SO TOTALLY USING THEM for a later story I'm about to start planning!!! I'll be referring back to soooo many of her world-building posts! xD

  6. I have so many questions!! *wails because I know I can't get the answers* Like, what do the shape shifters do to the people they kidnap? Do they turn them into...forest..lurkers or killer mermaids or...something evil? xP
    I really like the dark forest. Everything being deathly quiet really sets the mood. Please do like 500 of these writing specials so I can know EVERYTHING. xD

    1. Yes, you absolutely may NOT have the answers.

      Lol, sorry, but... you just can't. xD SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!

      500??? WOW, IDK 'BOUT THAT. :D There are three parts left, though, so... close enough, right??? xD xD

      Thanks so much, LHE!!! THIS COMMENT, THO. <3 <3

    2. But sometimes spoilers are okay, right?!? *hyperventilates*

      Or, you can just send your novel to me and I can write down the questions and answer them. *nods* That would work. xD

      Aww, you're welcome!!! <3

    3. Sometimes, I suppose. But very rarely. xD

      I could do that, you're right. And I will be on the look-out for more betas eventually!! So yes that will definitely work. *nods with you* xD

    4. Lol!

      I wasn't expecting that!! xD I'd love to beta for you!!

  7. Fantasy people eat a lot of stew. xD ("Once upon a time, a young writer who didn't like to worldbuild..." *nods along to life story*)

    Is there room in the worldbuilding box of shame for me??

    I agree with Catherine - check out Melissa's world-building series! I definitely need to go through and answer all her questions myself...

    (I assume you're not going to tell us what Neverland's biggest secret is... but it sounds dramatic??)
    - Jem Jones

    1. They do indeed. xD (Glad I'm not alone - world-building just isn't my fave!)

      I don't know, 'twould be a tight fit...

      I LOVE her world-building series!!! I'm totally going to be answering, like, aaaaaalll her awesome questions for the novel I shall soon be planning. xD

      (NO WAY, LOL. That's the whole point of "secret" - can't tell. And yeah, it does sound dramatic... :D)

  8. You did a great job. WOW! You are building a lot in this world. Best wishes, Lila! Look forward to seeing this when you put it all together.

    1. Thank you soooooo much!!!! That means A LOT to me!

  9. Hey Lila, great post! I always like learning about fantasy worlds, and yours sounds quite interesting! I'm not sure if I've commented on your blog before, but I've been following a little while and decided to tag you in the Liebster award. You can click on my name to see my post and get more info. :) Hope you decide to do it!

    1. Hey, Abby! I'm so glad you find it interesting!

      Nope, I don't believe you've commented before, but EEEEP, thanks so much for tagging me!! I've already been tagged at least once before, but I'm already thinking about mashing all the questions together and picking my favorites to answer once I finally get around to doing the Award, lol!!

      *hurries to check out your blog* <3

  10. I adore everything about this! Fawood, sounds like such a creepy and eerie setting, shapeshifters and killer mermaids. I need to read this.
    As for world building it's not my strong suit so I understand, I focus more on the characters myself.

    1. Thanks so much, Skye!! <3 <3

      Me too! And I know that's good, because the best stories are the character-driven ones! ;)

  11. THAT DARK FOREST, AND DELMY"S CHARACTER, AND PETER PAN"S HEROISM, AND THE KILLER MERMAIDS AND THE VILLAGES AND FOOD AND THE SUBTLE WORLD BUILDING (believe me I'm alot more about characters than the worlds too but sometimes that's better in my mind).
    What more magic can this book hold???
    If you ever need a beta reader make sure to recruit me xD because this book fascinates me.

    1. OH MY WORD, ANNA, I'M SMILING INTO MY HANDS!! <3 <3 <3 (and yes, that's better in my mind too!)

      Of course I'll let you know! Thank you SO much, girl!! xD

  12. Killer mermaids, shape shifters, Peter Pan!? that sounds so awesome, I really want to read this book.

    1. Thank you soooooo much, Quinley!! I'm honestly so happy to hear that you want to read this! <3 <3

  13. Can I go explore that forest??? Cause that's really cool!!! (And maybe a little more safe than water with killer mermaids??)

    But the bread. The bread story is GOLDEN.

    *imagines a villager running around, showing half-blurry pictures of vaguely Peter Pan-shaped shadows* "He's real, I tell you!" *villagers walk around with "I believe" sewed on their saddle blankets*

    1. Sure!! But watch out for the shapeshifters... They're REALLY dangerous, and they're EVERYWHERE. O.O

      *grins* Yes, it all started with bread.

      Oh. My. Gosh. You have NO idea how hard I laughed at that last part of your comment!!! THAT is golden! xD

  14. WOW, this is amazing, Lila! Your book sounds so intriguing! I loved your answer for question one! I could just imagine the woods around me.

    Can I pre-order your book yet?????

    1. Evan, I can't with this comment! I'm super happy that you're so intrigued! *dances jig* xD

      No, not yet, lol. It's going to be QUITE a while, I'm afraid! xD

  15. Lila. Stop talking about the sequel. I don't think I can wait that long. :| EVIL MAYOR? Aaahh... *dies*

    Ehehehe. The evil mermaids. That was such a cool and genius scene. Do it again. :P ;)

    As always, friend, awesome post! And I can't wait to read this again. Or the sequel.

    ... *cough* SEQUEL.

    1. I'm sorry, okay??? I just... can't help it. I'm getting super pumped for the sequel. xD xD (yesss, evil mayor!)

      You bet I'm doing that again!! By the timd it's edited it'll be even better, lol. ;)

      Thanks, Snapper! And fear not, every day brings us closer to when I'm ready for outside eyes.


  16. *jumps up and down* Lila!! This sounds awesome! Why are you telling lies, saying that world building isn't your strong point!? Did you read this post, or did you sleep write it?


    Killer mermaids? YESSS!!!!!!!

    Just reading this gave me shivers. <3


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