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Greetings, O readers! You have arrived at one of the stops in an exciting month-long writing special! Julian Daventry from the lovely blog Saver of Memories (with the assistance of those who signed up to participate, which includes yours truly) has put together a five-set questionnaire so we can spam our followers' feeds with a bunch of WIP fun. xD Each participant will be posting their answers to the questions every Friday of the month.

At the end of this post you'll find a list of all the blogs participating, so you can visit them and read aaaaalllll the different answers about aaaaalllll the different stories!

The story you'll be hearing about from me all month long is my fairy tale retelling, Dusted Red.

(^^^ This is what I like to call my "WIP Banner." You like?)

Onto the questions for Part 1: Introducing the WIP!

~A 1-3 paragraph blurb of your WIP~

Warning: This a very rough blurb. I whipped it up a while ago and then tweaked it real fast, and I still haven't felt compelled to perfect it. You'll get the gist of the story, though, and that's all you need! ;)

After losing her father to the shapeshifters, Delmy doesn't want anyone else she cares about to slip out of her grasp. But when they take her grandmother, there's nothing she can do but venture into the witch-infested, shapeshifter-filled Fawood and hope she can find the shapeshifters' hidden sanctum before it's too late.

Delmy doesn't expect to meet a single human in the forest, but to her surprise, she encounters a brother and sister wandering aimlessly in search of home. Banding together, the threesome find themselves entangled in something more sinister than the darkest village legends ever hinted at. And worse, some of them may be connected to it in ways they never imagined.

~Describe your WIP in ten short phrases.~

red cloak // lots of dust // guilt // sanctum // shapeshifters // madness // Neverland // "coward" // fairies // tick, tock, tick, tock...

~How did you come up with the idea of your story?~

Oh goodness, I got the idea for this story a long time ago. *racks brain* It probably started as "Red Riding Hood + Hansel & Gretel" and grew from there into Peter Pan as well. I can't be certain, though.

What I AM certain of - at least, fairly certain - is that I got the idea of mashing several fairy tales together from the epic Middle Grade book series Sisters Grimm!

~Why did you choose to write this WIP?  What gave it priority over all the other plot bunnies?~

I can't even make a conjecture. Why must my memory be so... hazy sometimes?? All I know is that around the time I got the idea, I was trying to finish a story set in a different dimension called Dreamland (*wince*), and I think I was ready to start something new.

Oh, and did you know that plot bunnies hate me? They never flood me or bombard me - they come to me one at a time, and are few and far between. But honestly, I am good with that.

~How did you go about preparing to write it?~

Hahahaha, I didn't plan at all for this. Not for the very first draft. I just took my premise ("Go find Granny and meet Hansel and Gretel and etc. along the way") and pantsed my merry way through the story. It... took a full year. :/

End result: plot holes galore and an unrealistic climax, but a lot of good stuff to work with, so yeah... that's pantsing for ya.

~Did you have to do any research for this story?  What was the most interesting/funny story connected with your research?~

I don't like research. It's too much like school. FIGHT MEH.

I have done a little, though. Seeing as at least 95% of Dusted Red's setting is forest, I decided to be smart and looked up writing articles about using woods in stories. Can't really remember what they said, but...

The most interesting research story there is to tell was when I looked up the difference between grizzly bears and brown bears and the best way to act when encountering either in the woods. Delmy and company had a run-in with bear shifters, and I suppose I wanted to be somewhat educated on the topic of wild animal encounters.

~Was this story easy or hard to write?  Why?~

I'm still writing it, but it's definitely proving itself to be a challenge. Since I love it to pieces at the same time, that makes it an incredibly FUN challenge!

As to why, there are too many things to list.

~Where was your favorite place to write this story?~

In my house. In a chair. On my laptop.

(I'm failing miserably at this question, as you can see, so let's move right along! :D)

~What makes your story unique?~

Four words: CLEAN. TEEN. PETER. PAN. I've looked up numerous YA Peter Pan retellings, and they all have such beautiful covers! Buuuuuut, content issues. Meep.

I know of one that has a love triangle with Wendy between Peter Pan and Captain Hook, and honestly, I love that idea! I'm not TOTALLY against love triangles.

But again, C O N T E N T.

And there's also one at my library that's a contemporary twist, but I flipped through it and there's lots of partying. Sounds iffy. O.o

So, Dusted Red is unique because it has Peter Pan, it's YA, and it doesn't have bad stuff! 'Cuz I ain't that kinda writer, thanks! 

~What do you love most about your story?~

Upon first glance, I expected this to be a hard question. But surprisingly, NO. The answer popped into my head like that. *snaps fingers* And I don't doubt it either.

I love my guy characters most.

I'm sorry if it sounds weird, but something about the personalities, struggles, flaws, etc. of Hansel, Peter Pan, and Slightly (three of my most primary male characters) just makes me want to huggle them forever. They feel so complex and real to me, and I hope they spill onto the page as such. I LOVE each and every one of my characters, don't get me wrong (except maybe the villain), but my male characters... They have my heart. <3 <3

All righty then, enough talk about me and my story - here are the other lovely persons taking part in this tag! Follow those URLs and enjoy many various answers to these same questions! (though some may not have posted yet, just fyi)

Time to chat! What do you think of Dusted Red so far? What's your WIP about? Oh, and stay tuned for next Friday - there are many more fun questions where these came from! xD

~Lila Kims


  1. THAT BANNER!!! *heart eyes* All these answers are EPIC!! Like, I NEED your book on my shelf RIGHT NOW, OMW. <3 <3 These questions are great, too. It would have been fun to participate, but responsibilites are dragging me down. XD

    Can't wait to read everyone's answers, though. (And I need Dusted Red, like, now. XD)

    ~Ivie|Ivie Writes

    1. THANKS SO MUCH, IVIE!! <3 That means A LOT to me, eeeeep!!

      I definitely know how responsibilities can feel like sometimes... :)

      Me neither! (<3 <3 <3)

  2. This sounds awesome!!! I really loved your banner. Super cool!

    I can't wait to hear more about your story, especially your characters!!

    1. I'm glad you think so!!! And yay, thanks! I was hoping it was cool. xD

      I can't wait for you to hear more either!!

  3. Clean Peter Pan retelling! Red Riding Hood meets Hansel and Gretel meets Peter Pan???????

    Oh my goodness, Lila, it's so wonderful!!!! I love this story so much already, and I know I haven't actually read it yet but I WANT TO SO MUCH NOW!!!!

    1. YES and YES! xD

      Oh my goodness, Faith, you're making me smile!!! YOUR ENTHUSIASM, THOUGH. <3 <3 Eeeeeeep!! :D

  4. I LOVE the banner!!! *faints* PRETTY

    (But I loooove the name Delmy...did you make it up yourself of hear/find it somewhere?) (And Slightly??? seriously, girl, you got some awesome names!!)

    I love my guy characters too, so I don't find it weird. But I love my gal characters just as much. Wait...I love them all, heroes and villains. :)

    Seriously, though, this book just sounds so stinkin' awesome and I need it out asap because I want some great, clean fairy-tale retellings on my shelf!!

    1. AWW, THANKS!! *picks you up and lays you on bed to recover* xD

      (I didn't make it up - it's a legit German name I stumbled across and thought would fit my MC perfectly!! :D)

      Yesssssss, THEY'RE PRECIOUS. We writers can't help but love all our babies! *huggles them all*

      JULIAN, ACK, EEP, MEEP. Thank you soooo much!! I hope maybe sometime you WILL have it on your shelf! Eventually... *scratches back of neck* :)

  5. Ok.... I love fairytale retellings, especially unique ones! This looks so interesting! I also love why you love it.. clean peter pan :D

    1. Me too! And I certainly hope mine is unique! Thank you! <3

      Yes, there is an unfortunate lack of clean YA Peter Pans. :/ I plan to change that! xD

  6. If this was for sale I would buy it in a heartbeat. It sounds awesome!
    I need clean fairy tale retellings!

    1. REALLY??!! That means SO MUCH TO ME, GIRL! <3

      Honestly saaaaaaame.

  7. Ah, great blurb, Lila! I felt the same way. It might not be perfect, but it'll do...

    YOUR BOOK SOUNDS SO COOL. Wow, I would love to read this!

    1. Thanks! It's definitely not perfect, but good enough, I think. xD

      REALLY?? I'M GLAD YOU THINK SO! *smiles so big* Thank you, Evan! <3


    Your banner is so cool!

    Fairytale mashups are the best!!

    LUCKY DUCK!! I wish I had your knack for managing plot bunnies...

    Hurry up and finish this WIO so I can READS it!!


    1. AAAAAAH, CATHERINE!!! <3 <3


      Aren't they, though???

      I GUESS SO?? Honestly, I have NO clue how I "manage" them. They just... don't come that often, to be honest. :D

      OKAY, WELL, I'M WRITING IT!! :D (it's my hope that eventually you'll be able to read it!)

  9. I really really want a clean teen peter pan retelling, so your story sounds so epic, and just,,,, I can't. XD

    1. ME TOO. Thank you so much! And girl, I can't with your comment!!! <3 <3

  10. But Lila.... *whines*
    I want to read it noooowww.
    Although, I must already be a step ahead since I've read the first draft. LOL. (Of course, you've some of the first draft of A Throne of Truth...soooo. We must be even. XD)
    "FIGHT ME." I feel ya. Research is school, not fun.

    1. Soooooooon, Danielle!! Well, soon-ISH. Maybe not soon...

      I DON'T KNOW.

      *cringes* Ugh, that first draft. Admit it, it wasn't that great... xD (And yes, I guess we are even, considering! Lol!)

      Amen to that!! :D

    2. XD Even in that we've both read each others horrible first drafts. :P LOL

    3. Except yours wasn't horrible. xD That's the difference, my friend.

  11. Lila, Dusted Red sounds amazing!! I'm dreading writing a blurb for my story, but you did awesome.
    Honestly, I love research. It doesn't seem like school to me because I'm researching for something I want to find out. Sooo... "Fight meh for the laptop!" xP

    1. Thank you so much, LHE!! I found it kind of fun, writing my blurb, so I guess that makes us opposite. xD You like book research, and I don't. You dread writing a blurb, and I looked forward to it. xP

      HERE, TAKE IT. *thrusts it into your hands* xP


    2. You're welcome! I find it hard narrowing it all down to a few sentences. Like how can that even happen for me?! I need help...*wails*
      We ARE perfect opposites!!I hadn't noticed that. xD

      Oh, I will! *still smiling and typing two hours later* lol

  12. The more I hear about Dusted Red, the more I love it. <3 I know how you feel about your guy characters! Though I love all my charries, sometimes, strangely, I feel as if I connect with them more. (*hugs Taylan to death*)

    1. <3 <3 You make me smile, Melissa!! And EXACTLY! That's how I feel!!

      (*waits for turn to hug Taylan*)

  13. I sniff epicness, it drifts out of this post so heavily I believe I'm swooning.

    >> Red riding hood goes looking for her grandmother and find Hansel and Gretel along the way and they team up...WHAT THE HECK LILA THAT"S A GENIUS IDEA

    This whole book sounds so cool + cool title + cool characters + too much general coolness to handle. Now that I've gotten hooked to fairy tale retellings (Like the Lunar Chronicles!)I absolutely feel like I need to read Dusted Red *grabby hands* xD.

    1. ANNA, EEP! xD *smiles huge*

      Yaaaaay, I was hoping it was a pretty decent idea!! :D

      ACK, ANNA!! I can't with this comment! <3 <3 And yesss, Lunar Chronicles raised my love of retellings to a whole new level!

  14. I figured out the LRRH and H&G parts, but don't see PP yet. Maybe I will later? Sounds like a great mash up! Best wishes!

    1. I've been trying to think of some way to incorporate him into the blurb, but I don't want to spoil anything, ya know? :D Maybe you will later, idk! He enters the scene in a massive spoiler zone, soo...

      Thank you so much, Ms. Baldwin!!

  15. You have a character called Slightly?? tHAT'S SO COOL. (Is he a fairytale character? Tom Thumb or something??) (And where's the evil G---------, though? is that a spoiler?)

    Yeeah, I do about the same amount of planning... line up the fairytales I'm mixing, and start writing. xD
    - Jem Jones

    1. YES!! Slightly is one of the Lost Boys from the original Peter Pan, and I thought his name was cool, so I stole it, lol! (Do you mean Goldi, my quirky, creepy-ish character? Who said she was evil?? xD)

      Cool! I have come so far from that first draft, but it was the foundation I needed, for sure! :D

    2. (I thought I read a snippet where Hansel and Gretel met Goldi and found her really creepy, so I assumed she was evil... xD Is she?? or is she more of a chaotic neutral?)

    3. (Do creepy characters always have to be evil? Hm? xD You have a good memory, Jem - they do find her creepy! She acts really weird. Some of Delmy's group find it suspicious, and some adore her. It's possible she has a mental problem. It's possible she's some sort of dark creature of the forest [hence evil]. It's possible she's just weird. Who can tell? The answer... is a secret! xD)

  16. Your WIP sounds amazing, I love that it is set in Dreamland!:)

    1. Thank you, Quinley! Dusted Red isn't set in Dreamland - that was a story I was trying to write back when I was, like, 12. xD

      But I'm so happy you like the idea of it!!! <3

  17. YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!! *does a happy dance* What I've been waiting for!!!!!! You have mentioned Dusted Red, but didn't really say anything about it...



    YAY!!!!!! That banner is so inviting and mysterious!

    YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know it included Peter Pan!!!! *jumps up and down*

    I can't wait to read more!!!!!!! <3

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Clare, you're making me smile sooooo big!! I guess you weren't following my blog back when we had the last Writing Special, because I talked about it quite a bit then. ;)

      THANK YOU!!!



      <3 <3 <3 <3


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