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This tag doesn't seem to have an official name. The first time I saw it, it was "The Mysteriously Nameless Tag of Doom," which I thought was hilarious. The other times I've seen it, however, it's been "The Nameless Book Tag."

So, to further complicate things, I'm going to mix up the two and name it The Mysteriously Nameless Book Tag. *waggles eyebrows* Jem tagged me for it, so... thanks, girl!! <3

~What book has been on your shelf the longest?~

Either my copy of Anne of Green Gables, or my (mom's) copy of Emma. Forgive the mediocre covers - I decided to be real with you guys and find the actual versions I own. 

I've read Anne of Green Gables several times, but I've only read Emma once, and that was a long time ago. Basically, all I remember from it is that the main character was a mischievous matchmaker (right?) who had a sister named Isabella. There was also a friendly guy named Mr. Knightley and a creepy guy named Mr. Elton. :P

~What is your current read, your last read, and the book you’ll read next?~

Last Read: The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Current Read: Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Next Read: Hunted by Meagan Spooner

~What book did everyone like, but you hated?~

The Giver by Lois Lowry. I did NOT hate it - on the contrary, I enjoyed it - but it was a bit of a disappointing read for me nonetheless. Everyone else seems to think it's the best dystopian on planet earth, and good for them! But... *shrug* I liked The Hunger Games better.

~What book do you keep telling yourself you’ll read, but you probably won’t?~

I don't know. Maybe Jane Eyre? Maybe A Tale of Two Cities? Maybe every long, intimidating classic on my TBR?

~What book are you saving for retirement?~ 

I'll figure that out if I ever get to the point of retirement. Honestly, I'm holding out hope that Jesus will have Raptured us up to Heaven waaaaaay before that time comes.

 ~Last page: read it first, or wait ’til the end?~

Uuuuuuuuuumm, WAIT TILL THE END, OBVIOUSLY. I can't imagine spoiling a book for myself like that, let alone on a regular basis.


Actually, I take that back. If I've decided to DNF a book, I sometimes flip to the end to see the outcome. It depends on my reasons for not finishing, though.

Otherwise, I don't understand it. NO COMPRENDO.

 ~ Acknowledgement: waste of paper and ink, or interesting aside? ~

Interesting aside, for sure! I love the idea of acknowledging the wonderful persons who helped you in the writing of your book. I don't read the Acknowledgements all the time, and I ignore them a lot more than I used to, but I still think they're great.

The most interesting Acknowledgements page I have ever read was the one for Story Thieves by James Riley. It was almost as entertaining as the actual story (which was really fun and creative, by the way. You should read it.)

~Which book character would you switch places with?~

Probably Annabeth. I wouldn't want to go through all the horrible things she faced in the PJO and HOO books, but... Percy. I just want to meet the infamous Persassy in person, you know?? Maybe give him a hug??

Sorry if I'm being weird. I tend to get that way when it comes to fictional crushes.

~Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life? (Place, time, person?)~

An Author's Odyssey by Chris Colfer. I was reading this during my first airplane flight, so that was pretty surreal. I'm super thankful I don't get airsick, but it's strange, because I get carsick really easily.

 ~Name a book that you acquired in an interesting way.~ 

I acquired the entire Viking Quest series by winning a reading contest. It was a random drawing, and I got a $150 gift card to spend on BOOKS.

(Except, unfortunately, I could only use the money to buy books from the catalog of the company that had hosted the reading contest, and 80% of the books in that catalog were school textbooks. BUT I found the Viking Quest, so that's a big plus!)

I have my doubts it will ever happen again.

~Have you ever given a book away for a special reason to a special person?~

Nope, I can't say I've ever done that. It may sound selfish, but I own FAR too few books to be willing to give one away.

~Which book has been with you most places?~

Ask me this question again once I've been to England, Germany, France, Australia, China, the moon, Middle-Earth, and Narnia. Then perhaps I can say I've been to most places. ;)


~Any “required reading” you hated in high school that wasn’t so bad later?~

To be honest, I can't think of any required reading I reread later on.

~Used or brand new?~ 

I don't have anything against used books, but I confess that the flawlessness of a brand-new copy makes me feel warm and happy inside, and also the idea of "It has always only ever been mine... and no one else's."

~Have you ever read a Dan Brown book?~

No, but I know who he is because I've seen his book Origin advertised both on Goodreads and on my library's website. Not interested.

~Have you ever seen a movie you liked more than the book?~

The Giver - a fantastic movie based off the Lois Lowry novel mentioned earlier in this post. Got questions? THIS blog post of mine will answer them all.

~Have you ever read a book that’s made you hungry, cookbooks included?~

Heartless by Marissa Meyer. I've always admired Meyer's descriptive style, and whenever she described the tasty treats in her Alice in Wonderland retelling, it was like she was waving a plate of them under my nose.

~Who is the person whose book advice you’ll always take?~

No matter what, I never go into a book blind just because a reliable source commanded me to read it. I always read the synopsis to judge for myself whether or not I want to pick it up, and I often look for content reviews just in case.

Besides, many friends have recommended a book to me, told me I'd love it, and ended up being right! How could I ever choose just ONE of those lovelies?

~Is there a book out of your comfort zone (e.g., outside your usual reading genre) that you ended up loving?~

I usually steer clear of romances like Love Finds You in Daisy Oklahoma. Cheese and fluff are not my thing - not when it's the main story, not even if it's Christian (often especially if it's Christian :P). Romantic sub-plots? A MUST-HAVE. But books, especially YA, that are labeled primarily as romance... those are definitely out of my comfort zone.

Nevertheless, I'm happy I got this book for Christmas one year, because it's super sweet. <3 I did inwardly cringe at times because of course there were some cheesy parts, but it gave off Andy Griffith Show vibes, so... yeah, it was pretty wonderful. Think a small town, naughty children playing lots of pranks, and a handsome sheriff trying his best to keep the peace.

All right, time to tag some folks!

Catherine @ The Rebelling Muse

Snapper @ Silver Phoenix

Ivie @ Ivie Writes

Brianna @ No End of Books

I don't know if any of you have done this or have already been tagged. As always, no obligation!

~ Lila Kims

Have you read Story Thieves?
Who else is in love with Percy Jackson?
Do you get carsick/airsick?


  1. Ooh... mysterious. I can say that this tag hooks you in from the title and onward. *chuckles* I can't wait to do this one. Thanks for tagging me!

    And yeah, I used to get soooo carsick, but I seem to have grown out of it. (watch me get carsick now... lol)

    D.G. Snapper |

    1. And I can't wait for you to do it! It seemed right up your ally. ;)

      Lucky!! I only get carsick if I read, but WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO??? Well, I guess listen to music... and to audiobooks... :D

    2. Oh yeah. I always get carsick when I read, or write, or draw, or look downwards or anywhere not out the window. I have to stare. Forever. Great, I remember now I do get carsick, just on long long long car rides.

      Bleh. I find eating goldfish helps though... don't know why. Weird. XD

    3. Saaaaaaame. And ugh, long car trips are, like, the worst. :/ Because you just have to keep staring. O.O

      Lol, I haven't tried that. xD Usually, I don't eat anything on car trips, even though when I do it normally doesn't bother my stomach all that much...

  2. Thanks for tagging me! This one sounds really cool. I'm not much of a Percy Jackson fan. I've never read the books, but the quotes I've seen are hilarious. XD I get carsick sometimes. I've never been on an airplane and I don't plan to. They scare me. XD

    ~Ivie|Ivie Writes

    1. You're welcome! And OMW, you should TOTALLY read Percy Jackson and the Olympians!! It's sooooo funny. And just all around a great series. xD

      Planes aren't all that bad - in fact, I think they're amazing. That view as you lift off... everything getting smaller and farther away... It's really WOW.

      But I totally get you. A lot of people don't like 'em. xD

  3. Seriously, read Jane Eyre. It's amazing. Well worth a read. Tale of Two Cities I didn't enjoy as much....

    1. Perhaps. xD

      Jk, I probably will. Eventually. (I mean, I did try once, but then I got bored and DNF-ed... BUT I'LL PROBABLY PICK IT UP AGAIN SOMETIME. xD)

  4. LILA!!! What do you mean you won't read A Tale of Two Cities?!?!?!? I am a big Charles Dickens fan, and AToTC is my favorite of his. I love it because I read it and I thought, "What was that?" But, I had to sit down and just think about. Then I realized what the whole book was, and I loved it. It's worth a try. But, I guess it is not for everyone.

    Haha! I love that you named it! I did this tag a while back, but I just was calling it "A Book Tag". I wish I had been able to use your name!

    Nice answers! :D

    1. *hides from a raging Clare* Lol! :D I do plan on reading it sometime... Idk, for some reason classics intimidate me.

      Some of my favorite books are classics, though! What is wrong with me?? xD

      Haha, well... "A Book Tag" is... cozy-sounding? :D

  5. This was so much fun to read! :D
    I also try to steer clear of romance, but I do enjoy subplots on it now and then. ^_^

    1. Thanks, Gray!

      I LOVE a good romantic subplot. ^.^

  6. Emma is the matchmaker all right - but Isabella is in Northanger Abbey. You got the other two right!

    Jane Eyre is a pretty good book (I would not see a movie adaptation's so dark!!) and so is Tale of Two Cities (actually my favorite Dickens book).

    Thank you for tagging me, Lila! I loved reading your answers!!


    1. There's an Isabella in NA, but isn't there an Isabella in Emma? She's married to John Knightley, and Mr. Knightley and Emma argue while holding her daughter? I can't remember.

      (*high five* Same fav Charles Dickens book, Catherine!)

    2. I looked it up, Isabella is in Emma too. :D I think it's funny how Jane Austen sometimes used the same name for characters in different books. Can get confusing, for sure.

      Oh my goodness, Catherine, I think I saw most of that movie a few years ago! Definitely a bit dark.

      You're welcome!

    3. ohhhh that's right....I forgot. I remembered Isabella from NA a lot better because she was on of the more prominent characters whereas Isabella in not. My bad....

  7. Viking Quest!!! Ah, how I loved that series. I must reread it some time! :D

    This was a lot of fun to read! <3

    1. VIKING QUEST!! I need to give it a reread too - I'm feeling nostalgic just thinking about it... :D

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! <3

  8. Ooh, I've been tagged!! Thank you ever so much - I'll try to get to it soon. (Who am I kidding? I'll do it right away because I love tags. XD )

    Oh, Story Thieves! It's been a while, but I did like them fairly well. Now I have to see if that series is finished yet. :D

    I used to get carsick a lot more, but now it only happens if I sit in the very back and the roads are especially curvy. It's miserable, isn't it?


    1. Yes, you have!! You're very welcome! And lol, I'm looking forward to your answers!

      I've only read the first one, and it was a few years ago, and I realized recently that there are like, FOUR books now. Wuuut?? When did that happen?? :D

      Ugh, it's horrible! I have awesome medicine that really helps, though if I try to start reading, no matter what... I feel sick. :/

      Thanks for commenting, Brianna!

  9. Uuuuuuugh carsickness. I can't read in the car because of it and it really sucks. We go on long car trips all the time and that would be prime reading time but since I can't.....

    Oh my gosh, I totally agree on switching with Annabeth, I would love to hug Percy because he's Percy and I love him!

    Heartless also made me extremely hungry....and sad.

    Loved your answers!


    1. *groans with you* Uuuuuuuugggghhh. I know!! It's so tragic. :'( This is why I resort to audiobooks for car trips. Thank goodness for Overdrive. :D

      PERCY, AAAAHHH!!! He needs our hugs ASAP!!

      Saaaaaaaaame. My heart felt shattered into a million pieces!

      Thanks, Lilah!

  10. If I sit in the front, and the roads aren't curvy, then I'm better off. I mean, conditions have to be just so. But, I still can't look down for very long, or I feel miserable. It's even worse when you love to read and writing is your life. I better not get airsickness. xD
    Orrrrr, when you're watching a movie\ reading a book and they have the character eating delicious food, and then you try to make the same thing for yourself. Totally different results.

    1. Same, girl. Like, whhhhyyyy must it happen to ME, a READER OF BOOKS?? I hope you don't get arsickness either. <3 I was so glad I was able to read for that airplane ride. :)

      Lol, I've never tried that! Movies are so deceiving, I guess. xD


    *ahem* sorry for yelling at you. It's just that Jane Eyre is amaaaaaaazing *leaves to fangirl*

    - lisa @ inkwell


      Totally fine, Lisa. I think I kind of deserve it?? All of you seem to be getting onto me about Jane Eyre, lol! xD

  12. Percy <333 I, too, want to give him a hug. A long hug. And honestly, he deserves it. xD
    I loved your answers! <3
    ~ Abby

    1. Percy needs looooong hugs from us. For sure. xD

      Thanks, girl! <3

  13. Replies
    1. *shrug* Not as much as a lot of other people, I don't think. xD Thank you, Ms. Baldwin!

  14. I don't carsick or airsick. The funny thing is, though, that when I am in the air and there's turbulence, I get very light-headed and woozy in a dizzy kind of way, not a stomach sort of way. I think it's due to my low blood pressure. *BLARGH*

    I agree with Lisa that you need to read Jane Eyre! It's not as intimidating as it looks! Neither is Tale of Two Cities--those might be two of my favorite classics of all time!!!!!! I need to reread Two Cities very, very soon. <3

    Awesome tag! Loved it!

    1. Yay, I'm so glad you don't! It's miserable. But I'm sorry you feel that way during turbulence, and that you have low blood pressure. Not fun! :/

      All right, I think I shall read it SOMETIME. Maybe soonish. xD And Tale of Two Cities sounds REALLY good!! I will have to buckle down and make myself start reading them, and then I'll be head over heels.

      That's how it is with me and classics. xD

      Thanks, Faith! <3

  15. Classics are super daunting, but some of them are worth it.

    I haven't read many of these but I love Percy Jackson.

    1. I agree 10000%!!

      Aaaaaaah, Percy Jackson! I love him too! <3 <3

      Thank you for commenting, Skye. :D

  16. So I read the first Percy Jackson series this summer, and yeah, Percy is kinda cool. Very cool XD

    I feel the same way about classics! I know they'll be good, but they're just SO long. I stare at them on my shelf and start calculating how long it will take me to read them. My excuse is that I don't have time for long books with my current goodreads goal xD

    I loved this tag!

    audrey caylin

    1. Isn't he??? He's the definition of cool, pretty much. :D

      YES. I know I would love it if I would just start reading, but for some reason I kinda quake before them. xD And haha, nice excuse! I don't have that excuse because my Goodreads goal is... lenient. :D

      Thanks for reading, Audrey! <3

  17. Ah, this was such a fun post to read! I was the exact same way with The Giver. I liked it, but not as much as other people did- I guess maybe it's more of an aquired taste. I've never seen the movie though, so maybe I'll have to give that a try!

    And as for A Tale of Two Cities, I would highly recommend reading it! Trying to get through it hurts like the Dickens, but once you do, it's so worth it! Though, of course, if you don't want to read it I respect that too :D

    Anyways, fun post! :)

    1. Thank you, Emrys! And oh my goodness, you MUST see the movie!!! It was soooo good!

      Dude. Duuuuude. THAT PUN, I AM DYING!!! :D :D I do want to read it - it's just intimidating, that's all. Yes, I can both want to read a book and be intimidated by it at the same time. xD

      Thanks again!

  18. Certainly an interesting tag. One I've not seen before!


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