Monday, January 29, 2018

HIGHLIGHTS OF JANUARY // 30k words + heroes of olympus

I've wrapped myself in my plush throw blanket for the writing of this post, so I'm really cozy, but I have to say... I'm sick and tired of the cold. Is anyone else wishing spring would get here already?? Even though it's only the end of January??

Unfortunately, I have a while yet to wait. *pouty face* February will be here in a couple days, and that means more cold weather awaits. On a more positive note, however, that also means it's recap time!


Six books is pretty much my maximum count per month, just because of my reading speed (which is fairly slow, though I don't mind). Come to think of it, if it hadn't been for the latter half of winter break, I probably would have read even less than six.

Below, I've whipped up some super mini reviews of my January reads. You'll also find that they're in list form, so... everyone's happy.

The Royal Ranger by John Flanagan:

- awesome protag
- Will with a beard
- too many adverbs
- bows and arrows + sling
- 5 stars

The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan:

- multiple POVs
- Percabeth!
- prophecies
- can't put it down!!
- 5 stars

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld:

- audiobook with stellar narration
- Darwinists vs. Clankers
- slow-burning, with bursts of action slipped in
- need book 2 now
- 4 stars

The Sound of Life and Everything by Krista Van Dolzer:

- not enough description
- powerful prejudice theme
- didn't like the ending
- super quick read
- had its humorous moments
- sci-fi + hi-fi didn't really work
- 3 stars

Image result for the blood of olympus

The House of Hades by Rick Riordan:

- an event I have dubbed "The Nico Revelation" :P
- super funny, as per usual
- T a r t a r u sssss
- Caleo <3 <3 (favorite part of the book)
- 4 stars

The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan:

- new POVs
- Jason gets glasses (he looks great in them, doesn't he??)
- Reyna rocks!
- EPIC final battle
- 4 stars

As you can see, three of them were Heroes of Olympus books. I'm sad that this fantastic Percy Jackson spin-off is over, since I'm not going to be reading any further Rick Riordan books (content is clearly becoming more of an issue as time goes on), but I'll probably be rereading Percy Jackson and the Olympians one of these days. Or... one of these years.


In the title of this post, the "30k words" part seems to imply that I've written 30k words this month. Plot twist: I haven't.

Now, before you 1) jump to the conclusion that I'm a FAILURE, or 2) think I lied to your face, consider that the month is not over yet. We still have a couple of days! I'm at approximately 28k words, which means I am sooooo close. This will be no biggie, guys.

I think it's a personal record for me, to be honest: 30,000 words written in one month. At this rate, I can probably finish my current rewrite (started at the start of January) by mid-April. Then I can dive into the first draft of the sequel to Dusted Red, which I've been planning for quite a while now!


At the beginning of the month, I was listening to "Let You Down" by NF basically on repeat. Then I slipped into a Twenty One Pilots phase and couldn't stop jamming to Blurryface. Then, in the latter part of the month, I got into NF again and... I'm still in that phase. I don't even like rap, and yet I really like NF. Remember ThisNO NAME,and Lie. Go listen. Shoo.


These are the other January posts I've published here on the blog. In fact, they're the only posts I've published here on the blog, because in case you didn't get the memo, this is a baby blog. One month old, and looking a lot better than my former corner of the internet.

(graphic not mine ^^^)

In other corners of the blogosphere...

Tracey rambled about the books she read in 2017, and I confess that I kinda borrowed the way she formatted her mini reviews. Mine is different, though! Hers just inspired me, that's all. xD

Audrey shared different ways we can grow as both a Christian and a writer. It was inspiring. <3

Ivie wrote an encouraging post about her writing process, how everyone's process is different, and how we need to come to terms with the type of writer we naturally are.

Faith shared about her weekend at the March For Life, and it sounded like she had the most AMAZING time.

As for what God has been showing me this month (because He's always speaking - the question is, are we listening?), I've been struggling with procrastination, and with getting distracted by certain things when I shouldn't be. We joke about procrastination all the time, but I HATE it. So much. It's one of the most frustrating things ever.

But God has been helping me. That's all I can say. He's blessing me. He's strengthening me. And my flesh resists Him many, many times, but He never lets go.

Stop for a moment. Just stop for a moment and feel that promise. God is never EVER going to let you go.

~ Lila Kims

Have you read Rick Riordan?
How's the writing going?
What's your favorite NF song?

Yeah, they say when we grow up
You'll understand when you're older
Guess I'm still a kid, I don't know it
If I'll ever let go of this
- "Remember This" by NF


    This post is EPIC!! I love the gifs and graphics!! Your blog is just so aesthetic. Can't wait to see what God has for you in February!! And 30,000 words is AWESOME!!

    Ivie Writes

    1. LET YOU DOWN, AAAAAHHH!!! I don't remember how Ten Feet Down goes, so I should probably go listen to it again...


      Ivie, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! And oh my word, THANK YOU! I was hoping it would turn out aesthetic. ^.^

      Same to you, girl! And I am ALMOST TO 30K. Sooooo close. :D

  2. NF!!!! Let You Down is pretty awesome. I like listening to How Could You Leave Us, which when I told my brother, he said that something must be broken inside of me. I like Paralyzed, Turn the Music Up, and basically all of his songs. NF is kind of like a gateway artist into rap. I never liked it before listening to him, but now I'm like ALL THE RAP! Okay, I mean Christian rap, but you know what I mean.

    Ah, the "Nico Revelation". Saw it coming a million miles away, but still wished it didn't happen. Definitely ruined Rick Riordan for me.

    You can get to 30, girl! You've got this!!!!

    1. I like listening to that song too, though my heart hurts and I tear up... It's such a sad, powerful song. :'(

      I don't think I've heard Paralyzed or Turn the Music Up before!! This must be remedied ASAP!

      Okay, so I do like some other Christian rap. But not a lot of it. :D

      Yep, I saw it coming too because my brother warned me about it. :P Pretty much ruined Rick Riordan for me too.

      I got to 30k yesterday, eep!!! Thanks so much! <3

  3. First off, how you managed to read 6 books this month escapes me. I barely managed two. Look at me, I'm melting. Just those two books.

    But that's beside the fact. Because YES! The Royal Ranger. <3 I love that book. XD Will with a beard. (John Flanagan does have an affinity for adverbs doesn't he?)

    YAHOO! Go Lila! Go get those 30,000 words!

    D.G. Snapper

    1. A lot of other bookdragons can read, like, 15 books a month, which is just CRAZY to me. O.O And also why I can't help but view 6 as a fairly small amount... :D

      The Royal Ranger!! <3 <3 It was amazing, though I couldn't stop picturing Will as almost another Halt. He grew up so fast. :') (Ikr, Flanagan likes adverbs way too much. It annoys me to no end.)

      Thanks, Snapper! I reached 30k yesterday, and it made me very happy. ^.^

    2. WHAT? How on earth is 15 books even humanly possible? I'm pretty sure my eyes would burn... Writing on the other hand, that's different. ;) Sometimes I think that reading a book takes longer than writing a book (and in some cases, that's true.) O.O

      XD I saw him as Halt too. The beard and the sarcasm. Perfect... save for the adverbs. (Flanagan needs a writing challenge where he doesn't use a single adverb.)


    3. Whoa, girl, we are like polar opposites. In this case. xD So many times I wish I could write books as fast as I could read them!

      I agree! It seems he thrives on adverbs - would he even be able to write without them, I wonder...? xD We need to organize that challenge ASAP.

      AAAAWWWWW, YOU BELIEVED IN ME! *tackle-hugs* <3 <3

    4. Haha! I think the problem with me is I spend all the time I should be reading... writing. I find it's wrapped up pretty well in the saying "I'd rather be writing."

      XD He probably thrives on adverbs as much as Halt thrives on coffee. That would be a cool challenge. 'The No-Adverb Challenge', 'The Flanagan-Adverb Boycott'.

      Oof. *falls over* 'I know it sounds like a cat poster, but I believed...' *hopes you've seen the Lego Movie*

  4. Heroes of Olympus <3 Jason in glasses <3 Caleo <3 PERCABETH <3 <3 <3

    yes i love this series a lot so i'm glad you've read them now :D

    ~ Abby

    1. Aaaaaaahhhh, ALL THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS THINGS!!! <3 <3 (except the Nico thing, of course :P)

      I love it tooooooo. Thanks, Abby! :D

  5. Dusted Red up to 30K!!!! *confetti cannon*

    Writing is going as per usual for fits and starts. I did a lot of reading this month though....12 books.

    Awesome post, Lila!!


    1. First the confetti cannon, then the glitter cannon. Catherine's setting off all kinds of cannons. :')

      Wow, 12 books is INCREDIBLE! I hope they were all great reads!! :D

      Thank you, Catherine! <3

  6. Whoo!!! 30K - YOU GOT THIS!!!! Dusted Red is gonna be sooooo cool! (And there's a sequel??? Ahh!!!)

    Never heard of NF, actually. TBH, I don't listen to much outside of my soundtrack and bluegrass sphere. Not really sure why, I just don't like trying new things sometimes...

    1. Oh goodness, Julian, you're making me smile so big!! Yes, a SEQUEL, and I am sooooooooooooooo excited for it!!!

      I understand. Sometimes I don't like trying new things either. Though NF is DARN AWESOME... xD

  7. I have heard of NF but it's rap right? Cos rap isn't my natural love... I'm really more into electronic, pop, alternative pop, and *some* rock and aternative rock. Also *some* contemporary Christian. Also some jazz. Are you on Spotify? I just got my dad on Spotify like WHOA BC HE'S SO MUCH MORE OLD FASHIONED how did this even happen??

    Anyway ... great recap. Guess what I am doing here?? PLANNING THE NEXT EIGHT YEARS OF MY LIFE FOR SCHOOL THAT'S WHAT. #Stress


    - lisa @ inkwell

    1. Let me tell you something weird: A lot of people who don't like rap seem to like NF. He's very unique. You should try it out!

      And lol about your dad!! I feel that way so many times!! :D

      Thanks. :) AND WHOA, THAT SOUNDS STRESSFUL BUT ALSO SMART. Good luck with that, fren!! <3

      THAT IS SO COOL. I think my grandad tried to get me into guitar once, but it didn't work. xD

  8. This post is so pretty! <3

    I love NF, his music always blows me away.

    AND YOU CAN DO IT, 30K HERE YOU COME!!! It's going to be epic, I just know it. XD

    -Gray Marie |

    1. Aw, thanks, Gray!! <3

      Saaaaaaaaame. It's incredible.

      THANKS SO MUCH!! (I made it to 30k day before yesterday, so YAY!!)

  9. I have read Rick Riordan's novels (some of them, at least) and I really liked them! And I DO really like NF's music. My favorite song of his (well, one of them) is probably "Let You Down." It's too hard to pick. Too. Hard.

    By the way, love your blog! New follower! =)

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. Aren't they great??!!

      And SAME, girl, it is waaaaaaaaay too hard to pick a favorite NF song. They are all so amazing. <3 <3

      Why, thank you, Micaiah! Thank you for following - it means a lot! =)

      (and btw, I don't believe that link works. I found your blog another way, but I just thought I'd let you know. :D)

  10. Haven't read RR in awhile but he is a fantastic writer. But good for you for stopping when you know content will get rough.

    1. He really is a good storyteller! And thank you for supporting my decision. It means a lot to me!

  11. 30k...whoop whoop! My goal was to do a NaNo this month, which I still believe I can do, but my charries are being difficult and making my life just plain hard. I know where I need to go...but first I need my two main characters to stop screaming in each other's faces and get onto speaking terms, which will take effort that I don't want to spend. XD

    My favorite NF song is "Can You Hold Me." Love that one. <3333333

    1. WHOA, THAT IS AWESOME. I hope you made it to 50k!! And I feel you about characters misbehaving. :/ They can be like naughty children sometimes, lol. xD

      I love that one tooooooooo!! <3333333333


    Congrats on 28/30k!!! That's awesome. I wrote around 1k this month, (not counting blog posts) towards a short story. I'm hoping to start rewriting my Nano novel soon!

    Blurryface is always an excellent album to jam to. Always. And I'm not much of a rap person, but I have enjoyed the few NF songs I have listened to, so I should check out the ones you mentioned!


      Thanks! And that's so exciting, I hope that rewrite goes well for ya!! :D

      ALWAYS. I am in love with each and every song on that album. And YESSS, you must check them out!! They're AMAZING.


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