Sunday, September 6, 2020


Wow. Hi, friends. (This is awkward.) It's been... a long time since I wrote a blog post.  I won't even get into how insanely different my life has been since last we spoke, but maybe someday. For now I wanted to take a moment to share a beautiful book cover with you. In fact, I'm a day late to this cover reveal (sorry Nickiiiii), but I promise you that doesn't detract from its beauty.


“Swear on something else. Swear on your humanity.”

I suddenly find it very hard to swallow. My humanity? With a jolt I realize that there are far greater things at risk here than just my life. I’m in the faerie world, anything could happen. Even immortality.

The Otherworld is the home of the faeries, deceitful, decadent, and deadly. As the next in line to be-come Guardians, Jaye and her brother Thomas are tasked with defending the human world from all things magical. But when a routine scouting mission ends with them trapped in the Otherworld, it becomes pain-fully clear that someone doesn’t want them to leave the world of the faeries. Determined to not become an immortal’s pawn, Jaye kidnaps Ravven Crowe, an arrogant solitary faerie, so that he can guide them safely home. But things quickly go from bad to worse when they are captured by the Winter Court and embroiled in a plot to start a faerie civil war. Thomas is enslaved by an Unseelie faerie, and it seems that the only way to save her brother and avoid a war is for Jaye to ally herself with Ravven.

The faeries are governed by a set of strict laws. For their own safety, the Guardians have their own rules. But with Thomas’s life hanging in the balance there is only one way to save him that does not include breaking the faerie’s Fair Law, a crime that ends in death. Together Jaye and Ravven must compete in a series of deadly tests given by the faerie courts in order to earn Jaye the right to be named the Fair Assassin and wield the Blade of Gold and Iron. As the Fair Assassin she will be permitted to kill any faerie she so chooses, but first she has to live long enough. Walking a fine line between destruction and further entanglement with Crowe, Jaye is going to have to break her own rules if she wants to win. She must trust a faerie. Her life and humanity depend on it.

Doesn't that sound amazing?? I'm an early reader for this and absolutely LOVING it, so all of you will want to get your hands on it as soon as it releases. Believe me.

I hope you're all doing fantastic! <3 Update me on all the things in the comments and I'll respond when I can.

The Lord's Truly,

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

DUSTED RED BETA READER CALL // you finally get the opportunity to read my brainchild!!


Finally, I feel like I'm ready to recruit some outside eyes (aka beta readers) for my very first novel, Dusted Red!!!

I'm not going to hold y'all up by getting TOO sappy, but I want to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you to those who have heard me ramble about Dusted Red for months or even years and been super supportive the whole time. Thank you to those who are newer here but ALSO have had nothing but support to give. You're amazing, and I sort of doubt I would have endured for so long if it hadn't been for your encouragement.

Because yes, there were times when I wanted to give up. Times when I thought I had lost my passion for this story, when I thought it would never be good enough. But I'm here. And I'm so excited to finally share this story with some of you.

That said, below I've listed some important info regarding Dusted Red!

First the blurb:

After losing her father to the shapeshifters, Delmy doesn't want anyone else she cares about to slip out of her grasp. But when they take her grandmother, there's nothing she can do but venture into the witch-infested, shapeshifter-filled Fawood and hope she can find the shapeshifters' hidden sanctum before it's too late.

Delmy doesn't expect to meet a single human in the forest, but to her surprise, she encounters a brother and sister wandering aimlessly in search of home. Banding together, the threesome find themselves entangled in something more sinister than the darkest village legends ever hinted at. And worse, some of them may be connected to it in ways they never imagined.

Now, some things you should probably be aware of to help you decide if you'd be interested in reading or even able to read this novel:

- It's about 106k words.

- It's YA fantasy, so my beta readers need to be pretty familiar with books that fall under that category.

- The deadline to read it will be two months (I'm flexible on that, but I found it's helpful to have a deadline in place).

- I'm looking for more of a content critique than a line critique (so things you notice within scenes - or overall - about things like characters and plot, rather than sentence structure and typos).

- I ask in the sign-up form for your preference about sharing a document or having your own, but although I can guarantee a document to yourself, I can't guarantee a shared document. So if you prefer to share, you might still have to have your own. Hope that's okay! XD

- Speaking of documents, I'll be sending the manuscript over Google Docs. I'm assuming you guys have emails compatible with that, but if not just leave a note in the form.

- I'm not recruiting any more than seven beta readers, so I'll leave the sign-up form up until I have everyone I need and try to close it as soon as possible after that.

I think that's all!! Here's the form for those of you who are interested, and if you have any questions let me know in the comments. <333

(Oh, and if the embedded form doesn't load for you, HERE is the link.)


THANKS AGAIN, LOVELIES. Whether you signed up or not, I appreciate you so much for reading my blog and being the beautiful, encouraging soul that you are. God bless youuuuu.

The Lord's Truly,