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THE SHARED WIP TAG - WEEK 2 // a step into my nano story world

This is when the NaNoWriMo 2019 Shared WIP Tag starts to differ from earlier Shared WIP Tags. We decided to shake things up this time and base the questions for Weeks 2, 3, and 4 off this overarching what if:

What would it be like if we had the opportunity to LITERALLY interact with our NaNo world and characters? 

If you're not entirely sure what I mean, just keep reading and you'll understand soon enough. Mwahaha.


What aspect of this world would make you want to leave immediately?

The rampant storms of RANDOM AND CHAOTIC MAGIC. That is to say... creatures, objects, and entire settings that are literally the result of unsupervised sorcery practice. Most of this disorganized magic is purposeless, and all of it is weird, but one thing is clear - it's extremely dangerous and you do not want to cross it.

Fun times are happening up in those mountains, ha ha haaaaaaa.

If you lived in this world, what would be your job/working environment?

Ooooh, so many options! If I lived in a Fawood village (quite far from the mountains, thank goodness), I could work in any number of places/environments. A bakery, a flower shop, a general store... LITERALLY ANYTHING. I don't think I'd be a lumberjack or a runner, though, because 1) I don't think I'd like swinging a heavy ax all day, and 2) as much as I enjoy running, I seriously doubt I'd enjoy constantly marathoning between villages with a heavy pack of supplies on my back.

Other than that, I could settle in the farmlands, but I don't think I'm cut out for farming, as aesthetic as that would be. XD And then there's Neverland, but unless I was a fairy there wouldn't be much of a working environment there at all...

In other words, if I wanted to be lazy and do nothing but play and have adventures, Neverland would be the place to go.

What would you most likely be wearing if you were dropped into this world?

A simple, homespun dress. Probably gingham.

What aspects stand out to you as different from our world? What is very similar to ours?

Inhabited islands floating in mid-air among the clouds come to mind. We don't have those in our world, unfortunately.

Image result for bummer gif
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We also don't have dragons living in our mountains - an even bigger disappointment. (Or maybe it's a good thing, hmmm.)

The areas of this world that I primarily explore in Flecks of Green are wild and magical and just VERY different, so I'm sort of blanking on that second question.

Which part of your world would you most enjoy visiting?

NEVERLAND. Always Neverland. That place is gorgeous and I want to visit my version of it soooooo badly. Here are some pictures (via Pinterest - all credit to original creators/owners) to give you a feel for what it's like up there!

Will o the Wisp by on @DeviantArt - I really like how the artist brings out the moonlight effect so well!

AUTUMN PUNKINZ - satakentia:     Øystein Aspelund

FAMILY DAYS OUT: With underground caverns, real bear bones, Birds of Prey flying displays & Hawk Walks - kids just love Aillwee Cave in Co. Clare! Best value tickets available from - delivered instantly by email & valid for 365 days from purchase. Makes a great gift too!

It calls to me and my heart reaches for it even as it is terrified.

Heart eyes, no???

Which part of your world would you avoid at all costs?

Robin and I are polar opposites, which is part of what makes writing him equal parts challenging and fascinating. You see... there's this labyrinth in the mountains. It's full of dragons and dangerous magic (although he doesn't learn about the magic until he actually gets there). Whereas Robin begins FoG wanting to go to these mountains - and, once he finds it, the labyrinth - I would prefer to avoid these mountains and this labyrinth. At all costs.

So while I'm writing sentences like "Why don't we fly to the mountains beyond the farmlands and see ourselves a dragon?" my mind is screaming, "YOU SHOULD NOT DO ANY SUCH THING, BUT FINE. HERE WE GO."

Would you enjoy the types of food or common dishes eaten in your world?

Yes, I'm sure I would. There a lot of bread, after all, and I LOVE BREAD. Stew is another primary dish, so I wouldn't mind eating that either.

Also, there's a unique type of blue berry in Neverland that I'm kinda dying to try! I guarantee they're better than the blueberries we have here, which aren't my favorite. :P

What does the culture of this world revolve around and would you enjoy participating in it?

One thing the culture of the Fawood villages does not revolve around is education. Children finish school before they even turn sixteen, and what is taught IN school is pretty basic. As someone who doesn't exactly have a natural love for school (too many fun hobbies calling my name, I'm sorryyyy), that sounds like something I wouldn't mind participating in.

Related image
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The culture of the labyrinth revolves around randomness, illusions, and general mind games. I think that would give me a headache. So... hard pass on that one.

As for Neverland, its culture revolves around spontaneity. So that includes an element of disorganization, but it's a much more laid-back kind of disorganization than that of the intense labyrinth. Again, I really want to go to Neverland, so I'd definitely be up for participating in that culture. (It's probably worth mentioning that spontaneous plans stress me out... BUT STILL.)

What’s your favorite thing about the story world?

To be honest, I love writing magic systems that don't have a bunch of strict rules to keep up with. Maybe that makes me a lazy fantasy writer, but it's TRUEEEE. So that's probably my favorite thing about Flecks of Green. In the labyrinth, there. are. no. rules. It's all random, and anything can happen. Literally ANYTHING.

It gives me such freedom at the keyboard. XD

Provide a few pictures that help depict your story world.

Since I already shared pictures of Neverland, I'll use this question to show you what the mountains and labyrinth are like. (Once again, I took these pics from Pinterest and I take no credit for them.)

up in smoke

How To Train Your Dragon Aesthetic 55 Ideas #howto

A little glimpse of it, anyway. ;)


I hope you enjoyed exploring the world of Flecks of Green with me, and I'll see you next week with Part 3!

The Lord's Truly,
How's NaNo going, my friends?? I confess, I'm finding it tough to write as much as I want/need to, what with everything going on in my life (like visiting my soon-to-be school this weekend - which is probably where I am as you read this!), but I still feel that fire of inspiration and I can only pray it stays. <3 Comment below with any NaNo thoughts or prayer requests you'd like to share!

Friday, November 1, 2019

THE SHARED WIP TAG - WEEK 1 // introducing my nano novel

Um, guys?

It's... November 1.

You know what this means, don't you? IT MEANS TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF NANOWRIMO.

*runs around in circles screaming* *hits wall and collapses*

Much write. Many panic. So pain. Wut r words?

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Freaking-out aside, though, I'm ridiculously excited for this! I've known about NaNoWriMo for a long time and have followed the journeys of many friends, bloggers, and other writer acquaintances for the past couple years as they've participated. Never have I tried to write 50,000 words in 30 days myself.

But. 2019 is the YEAR, my friends. MY FIRST NANOWRIMO. I HOPE THAT IT GOES OKAY AT THE LEAST. EPIC AT THE BEST. *cracks knuckles*

This month on the blog I'll be sharing about my NaNo novel (as I write it!!) via the Shared WIP Tag. This is a fun sort-of tag hosted by Julian @ Saver of Memories. A handful of other bloggers and I signed up for it about a month ago and then worked together on a Google Doc to craft 5 weeks of questions, each set pertaining to a different aspect of our NaNo novels. This Friday we'll simply be introducing the story, and on further Fridays this month we'll delve into things a little bit deeper.

(I've given the URLs of the other participants at the bottom of this post. So excited to read about their projects as well!)

Without further ado, allow me to introduce Flecks of Green.

If you have a book cover, torture your readers by making them scroll forever to see it. If you do not have a book cover, describe your dream cover.

I don't have a mock cover for Flecks of Green, unfortunately, because for some reason I have never felt inclined to create mock covers for my books. My dream cover obviously has green on it, though. It would also be cool if dragon eggs could be incorporated onto it somehow.

Yes, you heard me right. Dragon eggs. With green spots. XD

Provide a blurb

Prepare for EXTREME vagueness and general mediocrity, but this is what I managed to come up with pretty much on the fly:

Robin hasn't celebrated his birthday in years. That's because, as a doorstep orphan, he has no idea what his birthday is. But Robin knows of the mountains beyond the villages and of the dragons who lurk there. He's bored from his recent lack of employment, and he's tired of missing his birthday year after year after year...

So. What better many-birthdays gift could he give himself than a long, exciting, and ill-thought-out journey to a world he has never seen before? He needs only two things: a pack of supplies, and a companion.

Marlina has not seen the boy she loves for three days and it scares her. She is as painfully aware of the invisible forces striving to rip him away from her as she is of her visions of the future. He is always in those visions, always by her side.

She would do anything to find him. She would join a friend of a friend and a fairy in their search for another missing child. She would brave a swamp, climb a mountain, fly to an island in the sky.

She would face the dark forces themselves.

Share some aesthetics

pics via Pinterest; all credit to original creators/owners

Behold, my Flecks of Green collage! Including pictures of my main characters. :D

I haven't made a WIP banner for this book yet, but once I do I'll certainly share it.

How long did it take you to flesh out the story enough to feel prepared to use it for NaNo?

From I-don't-know-when-I-started-brainstorming to October 31. Because yes, I was still trying to get ready the day before NaNoWriMo started. XD

Is it a standalone or part of a series?

Part of a series! In fact, it's the final book in my Dusted Red trilogy. Even though it has a different protagonist (two this time *cough*) and a different adventure, it would be VERY confusing to read any of these stories out of order. The character arcs in Flecks of Green, for example, begin in Blue Like Sapphires, and what happens at the end of the latter has a significant influence on the former. It's allllll connected.

How did you get the idea for this story?

My sassy redhead from book 2 (his name is Robin in Flecks of Green, although he goes by a different name in book 2, which I shan't tell you) decided his story wasn't over with Blue Like Sapphires. And when he begged for another adventure with him at the head of it, several other characters who also first appeared in BLS decided to join him. Naturally. :P

What song or selection of lyrics best describes the general aesthetic of your story?

Even a well lit place, can hide salvation
A map to a one man maze that never sees the sun
Where the lost are the heroes
And the thieves are left to drown
But everyone knows by now
Fairy tales are not found
They're written in the walls

~ It Has Begun by Starset

What made you decide to write this book for NaNo?

For some reason, I can't bring myself to start writing any other plot bunnies until all the books in this trilogy are written. With the first draft of Blue Like Sapphires finished right before NaNo, it only made sense to jump right into book 3 for NaNo itself, while the characters are still fresh and the aesthetics of this fantasy world are still prevalent in my mind. Once I've finished the first draft of Flecks of Green, I'll finally be able to give my other story ideas the attention they deserve. But first I need my trilogy to be complete (first-draft-wise, anyway XD).

What are your publishing plans for this book?

None any time soon. But I certainly hope to have this series traditionally published one day!


So. Welcome to Flecks of Green.

Image result for welcome to the show gif
via Giphy

If you don't feel ready for this, you're not alone. I mean, I'm the writer of this thing, and I'M NOT READY EITHER.

What I'm probably most excited for about this story is the two POVs. I've never written a novel with more than one POV before, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes!


Be sure to read their posts as well, and I'll see you next week with Part 2. :D

The Lord's Truly,
What do you think of Flecks of Green? Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? Comment below! (and then go write more worrrrrds)