Monday, January 22, 2018

BOOK VS. MOVIE // the giver by lois lowry

We're all in agreement here that the correct term for our rare breed of humanoid is "bookworm" and not "movieworm," right? *nods throughout the audience* Right. Therefore, so-called bookworms who like the movie better aren't true bookworms, right? Such traitors deserve to mockingly be called movieworms for the rest of their lives, right? Right?? Otherwise, THEY'D BE LIVING A LIE.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. We're all in agreement about that, I hope.

I think we're further in agreement, however, that usually - 90% of the time? maybe 85%? - the book is better. It's just that every now and then, our tastes will force us to read the book and be like "meh" and then watch the movie adaptation and be like "YAAAASSSS."

That's exactly what happened with me for The Giver. I'm sure many of you loved the book, and I'm honestly glad you did! But something about it didn't click for me.

The movie, however, was a different story.

For those of you who don't know, this classic dystopian story is about Jonas, a boy living in a world void of color, void of emotion, and void of chaos. It is a world of rigid conformity, a world of sickening sameness.

But the people - clueless as they are - don't consider it sickening. No, to them it's wonderful. Perfect. Utopia.

And Jonas is no exception... until he is assigned as Receiver of Memories. Suddenly, dark secrets begin to surface, flipping Jonas's perspective upside down.


- In the book, we get inside Jonas's head more. This is always what I first think of when comparing a book to a movie. While watching a movie, we get to know what goes on inside the MC's head by his actions, facial expressions, and conversations with other people. But the connection is greater while reading a book, since we're more directly inside his head.

- But in the movie, we get BRENTON THWAITES. *cough*

- And also, there are sooooo many adverbs in the book. Take it or leave it, but here's my advice: use adverbs very sparily. You. Do. Not. Need. Many. At. All. When I see an adverb in a novel, I sometimes can't help but sit there, raise one eyebrow skeptically, and consider whether or not it could have been removed.

Lots of adverbs are sprinkled throughout The Giver, and I confess they kind of drove me CRAZY.

- In the movie, Jonas's friends are deeper characters and more involved.

I really liked how they changed Asher's personality, and how so much more involved Fiona was in the story, especially the climax. And speaking of the climax...

- The climax in the book was a big let-down, but then the movie made it awesome.

The climax, guys.

The climax.


ARRRRRRGH!!! *a thousand headdesks*

All right, here comes some general spoilers. You've been warned.

In the book, Jonas had no opposition whatsoever during his departure. NADA. ZILCH. ZERO. There I was, listening to the audiobook, just w a i t i n g - and hoping - for someone to jump out and try to stop him. But noooooo he made it out just fine.

And then in the movie, we have all the climax-y action I was anticipating in the book but didn't get. For example, this:

And then in the book we didn't even get to hear what happened back with the Giver. I looooooved that they showed (WARNING: SPOILERS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) how the memories returned to the people. That was a powerful moment I dearly, dearly wish had been in the book.

I could ramble on about how I ADORED the romance in the movie - how cute and clean it was, and how the book should've gone further with its tiny implications. (As you can see, I'm a sucker for romantic subplots.)

I can understand why some wouldn't appreciate it, though, considering that movies ALWAYS make certain there's enough romance for there to be at least one kiss. *sigh* But they did an excellent job with the romance in The Giver movie. ^.^

And then we have the antagonist. It frustrated me that there was no set-in-stone bad guy in the book, and in my opinion, that is yet another thing the movie fixed.

I know the Elders were technically supposed to be the antagonist in the book (right??), but having the Chief Elder as the #1 bad guy in the movie was clearer to me and opened the door for more conflict. Meryl Streep made a perfect Chief Elder.

Basically, the movie took all the elements of the book and went deeper with them - characters, beginning, middle, and end. EVERYTHING.

And it's not to say that I hated the book, or even disliked it. I actually enjoyed The Giver by Lois Lowry. Maybe it's not my favorite dystopian, but the world was incredibly well-thought-out, and I was never bored. It's just that I went into it expecting so many things I didn't get, and that left me somewhat disappointed. In my opinion, the movie improved the story.

If you love dystopian, there's a good chance you'll love this book. I sincerely hope you do! *whispers* But after you're finished, you must watch the movie, 'kay? xD You don't want to miss out on that.

Aaaaaand writing this post has made me want to go watch it again.

~ Lila Kims

Have you read the book? Have you watched the movie? If so, what did you think? If not, do you plan to? Let's chat about The Giver!

Monday, January 15, 2018

THE BIBLIOPHILE SWEATER TAG // purple books + toy story

Long, long ago in a blog post far, far away, my good friend Ivie Brooks tagged me for the Bibliophile Sweater Tag.

It's been around three months, I think, but HERE I AM, finally getting around to this fun-looking tag! Yes, I should have done it way back in autumn, but at least it's still winter. If I waited until warm spring weather hit, no one would be wearing sweaters anymore, and that would just be awkward??

Anyway, I'm super excited to answer these questions because they're all about A) books, and B) sweaters - two wonderful blessings that help me endure the most bone-chilling winter days.


Give the person who tagged you a never-ending supply of cookies (or just thank them. Either works.)

*sends Ivie a never-ending supply of cookies* Thanks for tagging me, friend! <3

Answer all the questions and use the blog graphic somewhere in the post. 

Pass along the tag to at least five other people.

Wear a sweater. (This is optional, but why wouldn't you want to?)


Look at me, I'm wearing a turquoise sweater! (And I swear I've been wearing it almost all day - I didn't run to my closet just now and pull one on. Come on now. I wouldn't cheat like that.)

Fuzzy Sweater - a book that is the epitome of comfort

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. Every time I read this book, I am blown away by the beautiful descriptions. And the story in general is just so sweet and light and wonderful that whenever I read it, I feel like dancing through a meadow with a handful of flowers.

Striped Sweater - book you devoured every line of

Image result for cress marissa meyer

Cress by Marissa Meyer. There's no better way to describe what I did to this book - the other TLC books too, though this is the best one - than to say I DEVOURED it. Her gorgeous writing just begs to suck you in.

Ugly Christmas Sweater - book with a weird cover

The Merchant of Death by D.J. MacHale. I find this cover weird because I feel like its different elements don't work well together. Besides, I've never liked faces on book covers. :P

I still haven't read the further books in the Pendragon series, but I want to at some point, because this first book - despite the weird cover - was really good. Despite a spattering of mild language and a make-out scene on, like, page five. *cough*

Cashmere Sweat - most expensive book you've bought

Five Magic Spindles by Rachel Kovaciny, Kathryn McConaughy, Grace Mullins, Michelle Pennington, and Ashley Stangl. I ordered a brand-new paperback because I wouldn't have it any other way, and BOY were those 20 or so dollars worth it!

Hoodie - favorite classic book

The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas. This book, guys. Please. Read. This. Book. I don't even have any words to describe its amazingness.

Cardigan - book you bought on impulse

This has never happened to me, to be honest. In fact, I rarely buy books even when I really, really want to. #cheapskate

Turtleneck Sweater - book from your childhood

The Doll People by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin. I remember reading this series as a younger bookdragon and absolutely LOVING it. It has the same concept as Toy Story, but then it goes even deeper with it. The nostalgia... :')

Homemade Knitted Sweater - book that is indie published

I don't think I've read a single self-published book in my entire life. I KNOW, IT'S REALLY SAD. But I recently got a free ebook of Disowned by Sarah Addison-Fox, so it might be the first one I read. (Just look at the cover - it's so... purple. <3 <3)

V-Neck Sweater - book that did not meet your expectations

I had high hopes for There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones - hopes that it wouldn't adopt the following stale cliche: God isn't much involved in the story because the MC feels that God isn't really paying attention to her. Therefore, the story can now focus on the hot, mysterious love interest. Yay.

My book didn't meet those hopes. HOWEVER, it's a beautiful book anyway, with uplifting Christian themes. I actually really enjoyed it (except the kisses were a little too passionate for a Christian book, if you ask me *shakes head*). I was just disappointed because of my high expectations.

Argyle Sweater - book with a unique format

I'm too lazy to type out the annoyingly long title, but this Ally Carter book is the only one I could think of. Most of the format is perfectly normal - it's just that some of the chapters begin with a creative (and often hilarious) pros and cons list before returning to the story. The Gallagher Girls series is SO good, by the way - some of the best spy fiction I've ever read. Though, of course, I haven't read much spy fiction...

Polka-Dot Sweater - a book with well-rounded characters

Oh, geez. What a decision. Well, I'm in the midst of reading the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan, and the character development is just fantastic. Becoming really, truly, DEEPLY attached to characters is not as common an occurrence as I would like, but the seven demigods in this Percy Jackson spin-off jump off the page with everything that makes a great character!

I'm going to break the rules and not officially tag anyone for this. But I unofficially tag anyone who wants to do it!

~ Lila Kims

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?
Are you currently wearing a sweater, and if so, what color is it?
Aren't purple books beautiful???